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A question about alcohol

I didn't want to ask this but...

On social occasions or those times when you just can't avoid it, what alcohol will have the least detrimental effect on my Dukan efforts? Xmas work night out will be happening very soon and I don't really want my colleagues to know I'm dieting. What's the best plan of action to get through it without drawing attention to myself?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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be the des driver or I'm sure I read that vodka and diet coke is the best option but be careful as you can get drunk really quickly.....cheap round lol


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Is the 'I'm taking medication' type excuse out of the question? I think there have been a few more suggestions for excusesof this type.

If it has to be alcohol I think the consensus here is that Vodka & diet coke are your best bet. I suspect beer or wine are the worst, anything sweetish will be loaded with sugar on top of everything else. But wait for other replies, as I'm not much of a drinker at all, so I have NO IDEA.

Good luck but do have a good time too!


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As others say, you'll stay in ketosis with vodka and diet coke, but possibly not with wine. Designated driver/antibiotics are good excuses but, as I gave up booze pretty much years ago (preferring to eat my calories back when they counted!), I simply say no thanks...

If pushed, and pushed, as some drinkers so love to do, my latest irate exclamation was: "why would I need to? I'm interesting enough without it!" <not recommended but drunk person in question was getting on my nerves constantly trying to ply! like diet saboteurs so love to make us eat when they are!>
i drank vodka and diet coke and it didnt effect my loss at all, then i moved on to jacks and diet coke, then low carb beer or red wine because the hard spirts were getting me plastered lol. Even vodka and soda if you like that
If you don't want to drink, then say you had such a bad hangover last time that you have decided to no longer drink!

If you fancy something, then vodka as the others have said.

I had the odd whisky/glass of wine with a meal when invited out by friends, but played catch-up with 3 days PP afterwards which wasn't overly enjoyable (although the meal out was!) If you can/want to avoid, then I would.
Dry wine is fine and I've kept losing after a beer too, small one but still. Michelob ultra used to be the lowest carb beer dont know if it still is.

Really how you manage alcohol is up to you.
If drinking will lead to bad eating, use an excuse (if anyone asks) and stick to diet coke/fizzy water. If you can have 1 or 2 (and make them last) and not be reaching for the nibbles/chips/kebab then enjoy and drink lots of water the next day. If for you its not a night out unless you get plastered consider staying home.
help im still on my first week and feelin pretty much ok ,problem is i have a family thing on in two weeks time,i can get away without havin a drink but not food,which option is best for me (1) just have salad and hope not to do too much harm (2) start maintenance .im really into it at the moment and dont want to give it up just for the sake of one night .......im on lipotrim


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Sorry Anto - you're on the Dukan diet board, so no idea re Lipotrim...


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I think it's the "Similar Threads" at the bottom of the page that brings us stray questions from people who really want to be on other topics/threads...


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You're probably right!

I love OT threads!
Thanks people. Sorry I feel rude when I don't reply to each person individually but it's too hard to keep track of who said what lol!

I think that perhaps I might claim poverty and buy my own drinks, hence keeping out of the round system and I can just get diet coke and tell people it's a double vodka!

I really want to get this right. Thanks so much everyone.

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