A question for all those maintaining after CD.


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Afternoon everyone.

This follows on from a worry thread from me the other week and another i've just read.

I just wanted to ask all those successfully maintaining after loosing their weight on the cambridge diet what your daily menu would be like?

A thread ive just read said the lady had been eating the 'right things' and the weight had still come back on.

So for all the maintainers, what do you eat?
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Trying to stay positive..
usual menu
breakfast (around 10-11am): a small pack of sushi, or sandwiches with extra light philadelphia cheese and tomato, or pate, or sliced cooked chicken. i usually eat weight watchers bread or the crust-free bread, so 4 slices have only 200 calories, and what i put on the bread isn't more than 100kcal, so altogether, breakfast is around 250kcal if i have the sushi, or 300 if i have the sandwiches

then i eat smth like yoghurt, apple, occasional carrot cake/ chocolates/ cookies, but nothing too drastic (if yoghurt/apple- 100kcal, if carrot cake- 250kcal), i also drink coffee with skimmed milk religiously.

if i'm hungry before finishing work (i work from 11am till 7pm so unfortunately i have to buy most of my food at a tesco's nearby:p), i go and buy some ready-cooked chicken or smth like that (smth like 150-200kcal)

dinner (8pm)- sandwich with low fat philadelphia cheese and tomato, sometimes an apple or other fruit- am usually way too tired to cook...:/ (doesn't usually go over 400kcal altogether)

now and then, i have a nibble here and there.
altogether, it will be around 1400-1500kcal a day.


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Has anyone tried switching to atkins? Im thinking of doing this and wonder how successful it is? Will i gain the weight iv already lost?


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Hey hun

Today's menu:

Bowl of all bran with semi skimmed milk
Sushi Wrap
Low fat yoghurt
Skinny Latte
Chicken Fajitas
Bowl of fruit
Handful of Jelly Belly's



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Breakfast: Porridge with fruit and greek yoghurt
Lunch: 1 slice of cheese on toast. Homemade carrot and ginger soup and 2 clementines.
Mid afternoon: 6 almonds and a mango smoothie
Dinner: Pork chop, mashed potato with gravy and loads of veg.
Mid evening: peanut butter on seeded toast.
A choccie from my box.

Calories: No idea :D Probably about 1700-1800


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What's really important to keep in mind that with every pound you lose you need less food than you did. About 25 calories per kg I think. So if you keep on eating the same amount as you did, even if it's healthy, you will gain some weight. Also, most people eat too much. It's healthy, jt's filling, but they simply don't need the amount of food they'll eat at a normal meal.

It's probably best to calculate your basal metabolic rate to determine how many calories you need. There are many calculators online, but this is one: BMR Calculator

I'm doing CD for the second time, in September I already lost 7 kgs and maintained that weight until Christmas. Then I gained about 2 kgs.

I'm Dutch, so our eating habits slightly differ from the UK pattern, we eat a lot of what we call 'brown (wholemeal) bread'. Quite different from the bread I saw in the UK. But well, my menu:

2 knackebrod with peanutbutter or yoghurt with allbran plus and coffee

mid-morning snack:
mostly fruit

2 slices of wholemeal bread with ham, chicken, peanutbutter (very healthy, although lots of calories) or something like it
glas of milk
salad and/or piece of fruit


veggies and meat/chicken/fish, sometimes patatoes, pasta or rice, but not every day.