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No I'm on the mini pill and the minute I start going in to ketosis with any diet my monthly gift appears quite randomly and will stop and start for as long as 2 weeks....which is highly frustrating since I don't get these very often any more! :( Grrr. I feel you pain xx


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I'm on the mini pill and have ended up being on for 2 weeks but I don't know whether that's down to the diet x
no problems here, no cramps or anything
Athena I'm the same....I don't know if it's to do with the chemicals in the body or something or some kind of change in hormone levels maybe or some kind of levels of something or other :) Still annoying whatever it is.!!! x
Thanks ladies glad 2 c I not alone. i too on the pill and for whatever reason, BAM! Have that right out the blue! Heres hoping it settles down, Anyway small price 2 pay if the diet works : )
if your overweight you risk them stopping completely so a bit of weirdness going on is only showing us our body is still working proplery in the background lol


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low carb always sends my body crazy. on and off TOTM and early :(

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