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A question for the men


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I just wanted to ask the guys here if they felt like they were treated differently by society when they were overweight, or indeed still are if in the process of losing?

Somtimes I wonder if it's more "acceptable" in society for a man to be overweight than a woman.

I don't mean to make anyone feel bad, I just wondered is it difficult to be a guy and needing to lose weight, does it affect your confidence too?
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The Diet Guy
Hi Lyn

The more I work with men and women the more you realise that the issues are very similar for both.

In terms of how you are perceived then I do think that there are some slight differences in terms of for some women being overweight makes them invisible to men (in their eyes) whereas for some men being overweight makes the invincible and "tough" and when they lose weight they seem to become invisible.

Having been on a journey myself with weight and my little brain I have come to realise that actually if you are happy just being you then why would you care with society thinks of you, and also just who are society!

When we talk about political correctness now and we all say it has gone too far but are we not society ourselves and hence have we gone too far???

I am treated differently be some people now I am slim, some guys now see me more as a threat than before and some girls now are either more friendly with me as the attraction is there more and some girls are not so friendly with me as when I was 25 stone they didn't see me as a man and more of a friendly big bloke. The reality is though that if someone treats me differently it is there problem and not mine and I can't change that, if someone likes me then great, if they don't then great! I am happy being me :)

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