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a Question!


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i went out on saturday night n had afew drinks.... got home, was sick everywhere and all yesterday was being sick couldnt move out of my bed all day... drunk lots but kept sicking that back up!! all day i ate grapes pack of crisps and a small bit of curry for dinner. woke up this mornin feeling abit better still a little delicate lol but weighed myself and lost 3 pounds!! :eek: now, is that only cause i was sick so much n not ate?? and if so, now that i can eat normaly is that gonna go straight back on???
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Some of it might be because you were so sick and you may be dehydrated so 1 or 2lb might go back on. Just eat small amounts today and increase it tomorrow and keep an eye on those scales!


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Ditto Taz's advice. I always lose weight after being ill after a few or after a bug? Its nearly always dehydration though- but its a nice boost! LOL!
I'm a social drinker myself, but after a baaaaad bad hangover (preceded by three hours in the shower...hurling) I vowed to drink until only until tipsy and nothing more.

I feel it makes me eat more and thus gain rather than lose.


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yeh ive kinda vowed not to do that again!! i was ill for alot longer than i was drinking, so ive decided to keep to the healthy eating n not drink till i feel abit happier bout myself!

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