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  1. HEmam

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    Hi all, I thought I had posted here before but it seems I didn't. I started a VLCD, for the first time, on New Years Day and am feeling happy and focused. I would LOVE to lose 6 stone total but am not sure if that's too ambitious for me and my figure/ body shape so am aiming for 4.5 stone intitally.

    When I joined here I was my highest weight ever, other than when I was 13 days overdue with baby #1, and sadly I'm not all that far off! :eek: At my lowest, adult, weight I was 115lb and in a UK size 4. That's the weight I ultimately want to aim for, it's well in the "normal" BMI range for my height but I was often told I looked too slim - maybe there really is such a thing as heavy boned!

    I have 2 little people in my life who mean the absolute world to me, they are my reason and incentive for everything I do. They always tell me I'm "so pretty", "cute" or "prettiful" which is just adorable but I'd love it if I were able to feel more like the way they see me, so this is the start of a new journey, one where I'm focused on the end goal which is to be happy with myself.
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  3. babypat

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    Hi welcome to the forum. Just wanting to wish u good luck with ur weight loss journey.
  4. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    Thank you! I'm feeling positive that this is the year I will start liking myself! Xx

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