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A rather delicate little question!


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:p Hee hee!! Well, since last week, my issue of the old blocked pipes (a la Andy!) has been resolved more or less. Now, I have been making an effort to drink more water, which I also think has led to a good weight loss this week, but I don't think that is all that it's down to!

My only other thing that is different is that the new cranberry and raspberry bar is a new softer formulation. I love the bar, and really look forward to it everyday because it's so delicious now and I no longer need to wash each mouthful down with a black coffee because it's like cardboard!

Has anyone else noticed a change in their 'pipes' since this change??!! :D From having to take a Dulcolax each week to ensure I could 'go' I now have a daily habit again!!! LOL!!!! :eek: (oh, and also terrible wind!!:D:D:D:D)

God, I can't believe the things I discuss on here!!! Ha haa!!!
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I've always only had the R&C bar and I didn't have unblocked pipes until the porridge. Still going too.:eek:
Don't know Poppy

I never had the bars,but the water flavourings used to do the trick for me. I used a tub a week. I had half of it in all my water for the 24hours before WI and the other half in all my water on the mid-week day. Worked for me. Never had to take anything else until the first 3 weeks on RTM.


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S: 16st5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st6lb(20.96%)
Well SB, I have been using my water flavourings since Sunday!! There's a thought, that one hadn't occurred to me for some reason, as I've only been having a heaped spoon in a pint of Highland Spring every day. Apart from being so delicious, it's worth every penny if I can avoid the Dulcolax!!! Only problem is the dreaded wind!! ;-)
I had 1 pint of water the other day with some of the lemon flavouring in it, and the next day I was running to the loo like crazy!

Oooh, the Cranberry bar is changed huh? Will have to get some on Friday night! :D


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I use the water flavourings quite a lot getting through one tub about every two weeks. So far only had some minor issues with 'blocked tubes' as generally go every couple or three days, but I agree with the howling wind.....

Not noticed a difference in the cranberry bars yet, perhaps my LLC has plenty of the old stock.


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You're all so lucky! At least something works for you guys, I've been at everything, the porridge helped for a couple of days but doesn't anymore, I drink 4 litres of water/tea/coffee/flavourings per day, I'm drinking nettle and peppermint teas, etc etc ... but I'm feeling more and more bloated by the day...
One of my last options without going for some laxative (which I don't actually want to do) is psyllium husk which is a natural bulk fibre that flushes the system... some people swear by it to keep 'regular'... we'll see how it goes.


I have noticed that the Cranberry bars are softer and more textured... Very tasty indeed. :D
psyllium husks worked a treat for me. Went every day as soon as I started on the stuff!


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the husk stuff i take it and it just bulks up whats in the pipes so to speak was still having a prob passing it i bought some glycerin suppositories they help but on rtm week three just now hoping that will help

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