A slight adjustment.


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Hi folks.
I'm no longer going for weigh in, and I'm using up what shakes I've got but want to stay here to make sure I don't slide down the slippery slope and pile on what I worked hard to lose.
So I've altered my weight chart below, but not my ticker, no point doing that because I don't really want to get below 10stone.

I got down to 10st 2 on my scales. I'm just back from an extremely indulgent party weekend in Dublin, and was 10st 4 on my scales this morning so I'm back on LT during the day, and a low carb low fat tiny meal at night for the forseeable future. Want to see the needle on my scales touch the 10st mark.

And that's all I have to say about that. :)
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good luck :)

Thank you very much. I hope it's ok to stay here, I'm not going to talk about food, or moan if I put any on due to the change in my plan. I just need the discipline of my chart, and a few words of encouragement now and then.

It also helps me to encourage other people who are struggling.

Z x


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Well done Zayna, only putting a tiny bit on with Dublin and all. :party0011:
I think what you're doing is really sensible, I bet you'll do fine. xx


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I had a REALLY good day yesterday, had LT all day and 2 litres of water, then just meat & veg for tea. Was desperate for a biccie but managed to keep a lid on it.

Same again today, I'm going for it. I'm also determined not to step on the scales till Saturday morning. I want the 2lb off that I put on while I was away this weekend... :D


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well done hun, your weight loss so far has been an inspiration to many and I look forward to hearing how ya get on in the future. All the best for now, take care