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A small rant and the evil 100 day pound

S: 12st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.55%)
I'm writing because I feel scared. In the last 100 or so days I have lost about 16 pounds, which isn't incredible but really has made a difference in my life. I can see it. However, in the last month I have had a job change, gone away to work abroad and restarted a challenging school year. In these last 4 weeks I gained my first pound in over a 100 days of dieting. I can't even describe how much this has bummed me out. I haven't told anyone but it's just sitting on me like a massive failure. I have also noticed that in the last 2 weeks, I'm making excuses. I'm ignoring the snacking, the crisps and gummys consumed... I tell myself I'll make up for it the next day the way I have been doing. However each day arrives and my self control wains. I don't want to give up now, as I have just reached a BMI of overweight, which was a huge achievement. But I'm worried with the upcoming stress of this year - how I will be able to hold on to my summer regime. I'm terrified of just maintaining this weight and not progressing again. The sheer amount of stress which is on it's way to me seems like it's going to blow away my desire to stay on top of my food. It's such a disheartening place to be after all these months. :(
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S: 13st8.5lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.31%)
You need to go back to the beginning and remember why you wanted to lose weight in the first place.

What was your motivation?

Are the crisps and gummys and waining self control worth giving up on your goal.

Forget the 1lb gain or any other gains and concentrate on what you want this week and let that be your extra focus.

I know how difficult it is I'm going through the same thing. I just have to take it one day at a time one step at a time.

Look for new recipes, inspiration, different ways to exercise. You seem to have a new life so make your weight loss just as new and before you know it you'll be back in the right frame of mind and seeing the rewards

Good luck
S: 15st2lb C: 9st7lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 5st9lb(37.26%)
A good thing to keep looking back on is how stressed you were at a larger weight. Remember how you felt, acted, ate, everything of how you were before now. Remind yourself of what you are working towards and even if you run into some stressful times now you can turn around later and tell everyone how well you did instead of that scary pound you gained! That pound is the last thing you should worry about because it could have been more, and you still can persevere through your situation. Show everyone how strong you are and let them know that nothing will stand in your way! :bighug:
S: 12st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.55%)
Thanks you all. I'm still in a struggle mode... it's school, I know it's school. It's so stressful, my time isn't my own and I haven't yet learned how to be organized about it to increase my chances of success. I think it's the absent minded snacking, and thinking "oh I'll work it off tomorrow, because today is madness" . I don't yet know how I'll overcome these things. Because I do try and remember WHY I do it, but it gets lost, so lost in my day. I'll certainly try to remember some new things that used to get me going, prob need to re read my inspirational book again.. pweffff. It's always gotta be a mountain for us - doesn't it ?

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