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A sort of question..

Ok not sure how to ask this question.
As I have always been over weight, I have always just had a big tummy.. Now that I have lost 15 kilograms so far, still plenty to go. That is in a month. So I pat my back...lol
I do exercises daily, and walk as much as I possibly can.
Now what I want to know instead of the one roll (I think it's called) I have 3 rolls where the one was on my tummy. Is that a good sign?
Yes I realize I still have about 80kg to go before I am healthy.
I am not on any given diet, yet as a young girl my mum had me at weight watchers.
I am now going on will power, I am rather a stuborn person and will not give in to my urges for sweets etc.
I have cut my sugar out and use 2 teaspoons a day.
I had a major hangup with salt and would over put salt on my food. However never cooking with salt.
I have stopped doing that, and only use a very limited salt.
I laugh when I read drink plenty of water, as I have been doing that since I was a child. I would rather have water than tea,coffee, juice or soda.
I have been tested for thyroid etc, every time I go to the doctor. I get told blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate etc etc is all normal. So whoo whoo to me, yet in my inner self I think I told myself I am healthy and don't need to loose any weight. Well, none the less, going to buy clothing for myself became a huge depression. So I just bought baggy clothing, and never even try on things at the shop.
I now realize it is up to me, no one can do this for me...
Sorry for rambling, but I have so many questions and I have now spent several days reading posts. So I think I should post a bit more.
Oh yeah, I am trying to figure out weight thingie in the signature but having no luck as yet. lol
Thanks for reading.
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Wow.... congratulations for losing 15kgs.... that's fantastic!

Sounds like you've made some really big and positive changes.

Keep is up and in a blink of an eye, you will be where you wish to be!

Good luck


is loving CWP xx
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Well done on such a fantastic weight loss so far.

I think the probhlem you are experiencing is not a bad one. I think it is because when we start to diet the fat is so compact under the skin it doesn't have enough skin to create so many rolls (my problem!!) So when the weight is lost there is more skin available for the fat to move in so therefore more rolls are forming. I am 99% sure that this is the case.

For example, I never thought I had fat arms, mainly because they didn't seem flabby, but again that was because the fat was so compact that it didn't have room to wobble about. But now I have lost over 4 1/2 stones, my arms are all flabby and I have bingo wings!!

It will all go in time and with gentle toning exercises.

At the end of the day I would rather be happy and thin with saggy skin than unhappy and fat with tight skin!!!

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey you're doing fab so far x x
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what an amazing start. You're obviously doing well all by yourself. One thing I would suggest is of you need inspiration, look at the success stories in the gallery. Hats off to all those who have done so well!

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