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A strange thing happened this weekend...


A little of everything!
Over the past few weeks my weight went up & down a few lbs, but I wasn't too worried as it went a few days after it appeared. But there was a stubborn few lbs that wouldn't shift- no matter what I tried. Last week I was extra careful with what I ate & drank, and they still didn't budge. Friday I weighed 10st 12lbs (!)

The weekend was a bit manic- my 2yr old had a turn in the shopping centre (shaking, couldn't focus/keep eyes open, temp of 39.4 etc.!) so ended up in A&E most of the day...ending with me grabbing cr*p from vending machines (even the 'food' like soup/sandwiches are TERRIBLE in those yokes!!) until we got discharged later that night when her temp dropped & stabilised. Sunday was spent sponging her down, trying to keep her inside (still wanted to play!) keeping my 4yr old occupied too and trying to sort out my bomb-site of a house, which again resulted in me eating cr*p on the go. I really did have rubbish- vending sandwiches, choc, bars, crisps etc. with 'proper' food in between like grilled salmon, home-made soup, grilled stuffed mushrooms etc. so I felt permanently full.

I get on the scales this morning and I'm 10st 9lbs.:confused::):confused:

WTF?? Was I not eating enough before and my system was 'shocked' into dropping the extra lbs? Or is it another blip in my journey?? Who knows I guess, but after that weekend it made me smile!! :D Lets hope it stays off til Friday!
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Don't under estimate the calorie consumption required being a mummy!!! Especially when they get poorly, well done you for managing to have a lose, and so glad your baby is on the mend.
Hi Irish, I hope your Daughter has fully recovered now, you must have been worried sick.

Well the loss - our bodies are weird and wonderful machines that I dont think I will ever understand, congratulations.


maintaining since June'09
WTF indeed! ;)

Don't knock it .... but don't think you can carry on doing that and lose even more ;)

I really hope it stays off till friday too! Good Luck xx


A little of everything!
LOL! Thanks everyone! Don't worry- I don't for one minute think I've hit on a 'magic' way of losing weight! I think I may have been stressing about losing the extra weight, then the shock of thinking about something else completely for a few days might have 'shocked' my system into relaxing and letting go a few lbs? Who knows??
Then again, the stress of being a 'Mummy' for a while might've caused me to burn more than I imagined...and I may have overestimated how much I actually ate over those 48hrs in my upset at eating rubbish?
Anyway...the update is...her temp has gone back down from 38+ all day yesterday to 37.4 & 36.8 today, so it's looking good? Plus she's just managed 2 petit filous, so fingers crossed the tide has turned?


Positivity is the key
Hi Irish,
your poor baby, hope she is feeling better, glad the temp is down.
Just as an aside if it does go up and you try all the usual then whisk 2 egg whites and put them on her feet then wrap in a hanky and some socks, it can be sticky but people swear by it. When you check her temp after the hour it should have gone down and when you remove the hanky it should look like scrambled egg. Now I am not b*llsh****ng you, this is an old remedy that is supposed to work when everything else doesn't. I have passed it on and people say it has done the trick. It draws the fever down to the feet and away from the head.
Word of caution don't eat the scrambled egg afterwards!!!!
Well done on the weight loss, chances are it was the adreninal working overtime. Hope all goes well for the weigh in on Friday.


maintaining since June'09
So glad she's on the mend :) x
so glad your daughter is feeling better nothing worse than them being sick and us not able to do a thing to take the pain and upset away from them, :(

& congrats on loss, nice kick start before you go TFR ;)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Oh Irish, sorry to hear about your daughter, but glad she is now on the mend. It is a worrying time.

Oh, the food lark!! hahaah......enjoy the fact you had a little of what you fancy and lost weight :) WAWEEEEE.......if only that could happen every week - eh!!!!

Hope it stays off for you and enjoy the rest of your week.

Love the egg thing Doirin - wonderful!! haha..must try that on the hubby (with not having kids) ;-)!!


A little of everything!
Knowing my luck she'd try to eat the egg! LOL! Her temp is finally back to within the 'normal' range thankGod. Still not eating but I can cope with that!
Being took for my 'last supper' birthday dinner tomorrow night. I'm back to TFR on Friday morning to lose the last little bit (hopefully!)and giving myself Thursday to 'recover'!
Fingers crossed for me eh? I'll be back on the TFR forum, but still popping in here for tips!


maintaining since June'09
Good luck with it ... I'm sure you'll be fine xx

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