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a sudden realisation and a word of caution


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it has just occurred to me that when i reach goal it will have taken me a year... or possibly more.

which is gutting in itself.

now all i can do is tell myself that if i hadn't been doing cd i would be even heavier than i had been.

however, for those of you that are doing this for the first time, stick with it. don't convince yourself that you can continue just as easily with calorie counting or sw, it just isn't true. for me there were other factors and other reasons why i had to come off when i did, but i really really really wish that i hadn't had to, because i wanted to do cd to get the fast results, and here i am 9 months later and not near goal.

cd is the only thing that's worked for me. i wouldn't have lost any weight without it, but the first time you do it is indeed the golden time, and the little voices in our heads that tell us we don't have to follow the rules, will easily get back on, well they are lying. and i am sad that i didn't just get it over with at the beginning...

still. i'm thinner than i've been for years and i'm going to look stunning in a wedding dress, so it aint all bad :D

abz xx
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You are so right....
I too had to come of cd in October last year after doing so well... I had a sever gastric bug ended up on a drip etc...
I believed I could lose the rest on SW / WW having had a good start, but it just never happened!!
As you say, this works! But we have to give it a helping hand and put in the effort! On the site now are the girls maintaining who I started with, and I am so so hapyp for them, but I should be at target now too, and the only reason I am not is because I made a choice not to get straight back on the wagon!!
I often read on here questions from new starters asking about will it really mtter if they cheat, or what the best thing to cheat on is... the answer to this, is a BIG NO.. Don't start off working out contingency plans, don't plan to fail.... Plan to suceed, plan to allow yourself the destiny of a slim you!!

So good luck with the rest of your Journey Abz, I am chasing your tail fast!!



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and here i was wondering if i was mad :D thanks tilly :) we will do it. i HAVE to. i've had all the time in the world. now suddenly i don't. i couldn't help the reasons for coming off cd when i did last time, but i have resisted coming back on it. it is hard. you do have to fight with yourself. but it couldn't be more worth it!!

abz xx
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oh I agree with you both so much!!!! I wish i had the resolve of the first time I did it! I was so so so determined and I never cheated ONCE! apart from when I was nearly at goal (within 10lbs) and then decided I was slim enough and yes you guessed it it all went back on and more!
Ive just had a realisation aswell i was working out my weightloss in terms of %'s and i'm now nearly half way there and that has cheered me up no end. I have also readjusted my ticker to include the 7lbs I lost on WW before I started so my ticker looks better and I feel more postive as its getting nearer to that Ive lost more weight than Ive got to lose (if that makes sense!)

Keep up the good work everyone its really keeping me going today

Abz I cant wait to see pics of you in your dress

Tilly I hope your back is feeling better


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well jessica there's plenty of photos in my profile pics of me as i was and me as i am now. just compare the christmas party photos :D one year apart!! and i'm only half way and the difference is insane!!

oh, and there's a couple of sneaky peeks of me as i am now in a plain version of the dress i'm getting too :) so you can see what i want to improve upon :)


Team 1 all the way!
I'm with you there girls. I'm struggling after my first cheat in 13 wks.
I think it was all psychological as I'd been to try on my wedding dress and it did look lovely. Also had my mum nagging that I need to eat real food, so what did I do? Let the voices in my head beat me.
I started back straight away yesterday, and am not too bad. I had a SS+ day and so had a small chicken breast on it's own. So far so good today, managed to force down a porridge.

If there is one piece of advice i could give to anyone starting CD, it would be DON'T CHEAT. One day, you can be focussed and nothing will pass your lips, and the moment you do eat something, you can turn in to the cookie monster and eat everything in sight, undoing all the hard work.
Good luck all.
Abs, my wedding dress is a Romantica one too...Perfection Bridal & Menswear It's ONYX. xxx


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it's beautiful honey :D you'll look stunning :D

i'm hoping that by the time i get to my dress fitting i'll have lost enough to eat again... but i'm not counting my chickens yet :)

abz xx
Abz, you will get there and look gorgeous on your wedding day (not that I'm sure you dont already)
Someone one said to be....its not the time of your journey but your journey to your final destination. I read this as what I have learnt along the way and I very much relate this to our weightloss journey.
Hope the restart is going well? x


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Abz, Tilly & Jessica... you are all so wise and so determined, I am sorry that focus had to be earned the hard way, but your words and experience will make a big difference to us first timers so thank you for sharing and being so honest. All three of you are gonna get there this time. Hugs.



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Girls, help !! Why can`t I ever view profile pages ???
I always get a sign saying i`m not permitted! Is there something I need to adjust on my own settings???


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Fabulous post Abz!

I really hope this isn't going to sound patronising for any readers here, because it's not meant to be!

I've seen it so many times before....oh my goodness, even done it myself so, so many times with other diets. This time I really learnt my lesson. I knew Cambridge would take the weight off if I could just follow the rules.

To a certain extent I had to turn off my instincts...that old chatterbox, because it had let me down so many times in the past. :sigh: It wanted to be my very best friend, helping me make decisions for the moment, but it wouldn't look at the big picture...it wanted me to make choices for that moment regardless of the consequences.

I had to come off CD 3 times for medical reasons, but each time I got back on as soon as the doctor gave me the go ahead. Thank goodness I did.

Same goes for the little cheats. So many people were saying they were having this and that and it wasn't hurting, yet I see them now, still struggling :sigh: It's all behind me now. I'm done.

And moving on to other diets, though I'm sure it's suits some, I've seen so many people come back having wasted that time.

I've been on various CD forums since starting CD 4 1/2 years ago and I see it over and over.

Sadly, it happens with maintenance too. It's like a car crash waiting to happen :(

As I say, I really hope this doesn't sound patronising. Been there, done that :sigh:

BTW, I'm really reminded of a post I sent some while ago Autobiography in 5 chapters.

Do take a read


can see the end in sight!
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great post kd! I am determined to get to goal and a healthy bmi. Considered moving my goal to 13 stone but being in the healthy bmi range will mean so much, even if it is only a guide. I think that mentally it will be massive to get to goal as if I stop sooner I might fall off the wagon and not maintain properly. Didn't cheat at all for 12 weeks, off plan this week but back on ss from Wednesday and I am determined to get to goal by October. Thanks to all on herefor being so inspirational and supportive. It's people like kd who really speak sense when you need it!! X
That really is so motivational KD thanks....
I suppose we all have to do what we need to do, it's like being a child, our parents have made the mistakes and tell us the right way to do things but we mess up...
As adults though we just have to be tough on ourselves, stop making excuses and listen to those who can really help us by showing us what works and doesn't.
I for one can't soak up enough advice at the moment... If a comment is helpful, bring it on!!!



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I started losing weight when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was 22.

I am now 27 and still trying because of "time off" and "days off"

So please hang in there everyone.


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Couldn't agree more, Abz. Thanks for posting. :D

If I'd stopped faffing about last summer, I could've been at goal now for 6 months, maybe more. Instead, I've shovelled all manner of rubbish in my gob, saying to myself I'll get back on the diet and that any weight gained would come off soon enough. And carried on saying that to myself until I suddenly realised I'd regained 2 and 1/2 stone. :eek:

What a fool I am...

So yes, if you haven't fallen off the wagon, don't be tempted - it's so hard to climb back on. Don't start telling yourself that just a bite of this or that won't hurt - it does hurt - it all adds up, although you won't see how much for months, maybe.

CD works. It's the only thing that works for me (yep, I too had a bash at SW - only to gain weight despite following the rules 100% (LOL, I think I hadn't quite grasped the concept that free food doesn't literally mean all you can eat)...

I love that Autobiography thing, KD. So true. So me...

Nope, I'm doing this journey properly this time. No more faffing about. :D

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