A third of the way there

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Caress, 26 March 2008 Social URL.

  1. Caress

    Caress Silver Member

    Yeehaw, I set myself 13-14 stones to lose, I'm now just about 1/3 of the way through in just 12 weeks. I've lost another 5lb this week, bringing my total to 4st 8lb.
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  3. ClaireLR

    ClaireLR Full Member

    Woooo hooooooooooo!

    That's fabulous, well done you!!
  4. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    Go Go lady - you are going great guns :D
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    That is fantastic. It is great to look at how far we have come and you have done really well. Good luck
  6. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    Doing so well ! take your strong mind all the way girl !
    Another 5 lb gone great stuff ! how are you feeling ?
  7. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    Wow that's fantastic! keep going, it will be soooo worth it! xx
  8. Caress

    Caress Silver Member

    Thanks everyone

    I feel fantastic, I'm a new woman, just losing this amount of weight has made a huge difference to my life, to me, to how I feel about myself, my mobility, my health. I was a couch potato, because I was so overweight I couldn't get around, I suffered really badly with back pain, if I stood for longer than a couple of mins, now I walk into town at least once a week, non stop, I walk around town with Nicky, non stop, usually the only time I stop is to have a cuppa with her in the cafe. She's noticed the difference in me, I don't get so breathless, my asthma is improving, my self confidence is improving, I don't feel like the lardy one sat in the corner so much. I know I still have a long way to go, but I'm doing something about it all now and I'm so proud of myself, I've done what I never thought I'd be able to do.
  9. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Well done you are doing brill a great inspiration to me and others on here
  10. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    Wow wow wow wow wow! thats amazing, keep up the fabulous work!
  11. Dinosaur

    Dinosaur Full Member

    Losing the weight is amazing, but your attitude in your last post is what you should be REALLY proud of.

    You sound so motivated and happy with yourself. Losing the weight is important but regaining control of our eating and our lives, and feeling happy with our elves and proud of our achievements is just what will help us maintain our losses.

    Well done:)
  12. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

    :bliss:You are doing great, well done. Stick with it
  13. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    Always wonderful to here about your loses Mrs.... Well done on yet another fantastic week! Totally jealous of your losses though :jelous::jelous::jelous:.... But in the niciest possible way of course ;););)....

    Here's to another CD week - just think how excited we'll all when you proudly post your ''HALF WAY THERE'' one....

    WELL DONE xxxxxxxxxxx
  14. eatlessweighless

    eatlessweighless Full Member

    Well done, you are doing brilliantly!

    Theresa x
  15. Mrs B

    Mrs B Silver Member

    That's brilliant! You must be feeling great. What are you doing to celebrate?
  16. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Gold Member

    Well done Andrea
  17. FunellaFox

    FunellaFox Full Member

    Very well done to you Caress. I really need to take a leaf out of your book :eek:
  18. jakkiG

    jakkiG Full Member

    Flabuless!!!!!! literally fantastic job well done
  19. Grandma

    Grandma Totally Focused

    Brilliant Andrea! An amazing weightloss in such a short time!

    Well done!

  20. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    Caress , really spurs you on , feeling so much better that you can do more , yes back pain ouch i know that feeling . Keep posting girl , doing well !

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