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A thread on 'scales' by KD from CD. Love it!


Are We There Yet?

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Thanks for finding that, and to KD.

Sometimes it does help to be reminded of that.. every 100% day we are changing ourselves little by little.

I think sometimes daily scales weighing can be demoralising.. but our bodies are amazing things and can weigh differently 4 times out of 5 in a day. Depending of the time, the water in us, etc :sick0019: etc.

I think we are all doing so well.. and I myself can feel the difference and start to see it a little in the mirror and definitely in my clothes... That is the best indication rather that the little reader on the scales.
(that and my beloved tape measure hehe)

We know our bodies, we have been lugging this extra weight around for a long time.. so every 100% day we should feel proud, even if the scales fails to move to what we want when we want.

xx keep going lumpy lovelies, and thanks for the reminder Isis


Are We There Yet?
lol @ Lumpy lovelies!!

Scales can bring a persons mood down. I have about 4 sets and they all weigh very differently. So, to start this plan, I bought some brand new, really accurate ones. I am weighing once a week and only on them.

My friend who owns the shop I work from and her husband kept telling me they can see I am losing weight. This is because my tummy is a lot less bloated. My boobs are now bigger than it lol....and I always lose of my face first. That helps a lot lol

I agree with you, clothes are the best indicator. I get so excited once clothes look and feel 'different'

Knowing I am doing this 100% has given me a massive buzz. Long may it continue for us all! x


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Looking at your stats is an inspiration in itself KD. Especially your length of maintaining the loss. That seems to be where many hit problems. Well done!x


Gone fishing
:) Thankyou :)

It's been quite a journey as you can imagine :D


Are We There Yet?
I have never even sniffed goal lol....was 3 stone away from it once 8 years ago lol....so I can only imagine it being a real journey :)

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