A trannies weight loss diary!

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  1. A brief outline:

    Weight at diet start 100.8Kg

    As Tina I have yo-yo dieted all my adult life. (about 30 yrs).

    I have a target weight of 86Kg - or Size 16 tops! (I am lucky enough to have thin-ish girly legs as it is).

    I am doing a fairy strict fitness regime (indoor rower), as well as DIY Slimming World.

    I am in no doubt that I will reach my target weight, but THIS time aim to keep at it!

    Week 1. 2/11/09 - 9/11/09

    This week has been pretty standard, for a first week.
    I feel a lot better in myself, (and can see a reduction in size).

    I have struggled with -

    a. Getting in my head that I can eat as much bacon as I like on a red day!
    b. That green days exist!
    c. cutting down on coffee (I have LOTS and always with semi skimmed milk).
    d. Maintaining my goal of doing an hour on the rower every day. (approx 600 cals workout). - I stress I have managed to do it though.

    I am dying to weigh, but won't - until next week.

    Thanks to you all for your lovely messages and posts

    A tranny is for life, not just for Christmas.
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    Good luck with it. You will be fine. And I like the Dolly Parton (?)quote there :)
  4. Thanks Liam.

    Didn't realise it was a DP quote. Figures though!
  5. Week 2. 1st weigh day.

    97.0 Kg
    15st 3lb

    Weight loss past 2 weeks 3.8Kg 8lb


    I am pleased, but a bit miffed that my girlfriend who has followed SW, but far less rigidly than me, has lost 7lb in the same time!

    I have done an hour on the rowing machine everyday, and she hasn't lifted a finger!

    Ah well, here's to the next two weeks!
  6. Just weighed, (a day early - as working tomorrow)

    Lost another 7lb or so.


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