A trip down Memory Lane?


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What can you remember most from your childhood in terms of TV programmes, sweets, clothes even???

I remember going to Barbados for the first time when I was 10 (my mum is from there) and I was dressed head to toe in Bay City Rollers gear!!! :eek: Of course, I looked great!
Tammygirl!!! Geez I remember them! :)
Sherbet pips....they were soooo lovely and also those fruit salad and black jack chews!
Apple jacks (they don't make 'em anymore )
I used to get look in magazine and plaster all the posters over my bedroom wall

marti pellow, matt bianco ,madonna, bros, rick astley , tiffany , jason donovan , the only ones i can remember !

I remember reading in there beauty tips that spraying your face with hairspray stopped spots i went through tins of hairspray that summer and looked like a dominos special at the end of it !!!!
OMG yes!! I remember getting my poster of A-Ha from that - really fancied Mags!! :eek: Morten was too pretty for me!! :p
I remember getting the words for kylies locomotion from smash hits then taping the dance from top of the pops ready for the teen disco man i rocked :rolleyes: !

I borrowed my sisters skirt for a disco and ripped it falling on me arshe and she vandalised my poster collection i will never forget kylies moustache and boy georges horns oh the pain it still stings ya know !!! :(
OMG I remember cutting up a brand new pair of trousers to edge them with tartan a la Bay city Roller style.

My mother had forty fits about it, slapped me and and sent me to my room whilst she drank tea and chatted to her friend who had brought her yappy horrible smelly poodle with her.

The darned dog then ate my beautiful golly that I loved more than anything and my mother saying it served me right for cutting up my trousers :S

I also remember winning a fancy dress competition dressed as King Tutankhamen in an outfit borrowed from my next door neighbour LMAO

Oh and mustn't forget hot pants and chopper bikes and rushing home to watch Six Million Dollar Man on a Saturday night whilst eating banana sarnies for tea :D
LMAO I wanted to be Steve Austin but I also wanted to be Action Man. I was never very girly LMAO

No wonder my mother despaired of me!
What was her name?! Jamie Somers - that was it!!! I used to pretend to jump high fences and break things open - it's a wonder I didn't end up in hospital the stoopid things I did thinking I was the Bionic Woman! :rolleyes: :p
paper dolls
homemade gocarts
Tressy - all over 40's now sing "her hair groooowwwws" :)
French knitting with a cotton reel

Penny farthing cakes (who remembers the farthing?) - for those that don't it was 1/4 of an old penny…which was about 1/2 the current pence
Penny chews

Didn't have a TV until I was about 8, but used to like Watch with Mother at the neighbours.
Radio - Joyce Grenfell monologues. Childrens hour.

Jackie and Smash Hits when I was older. Centrefold always went on the wall.

Who remembers
Bob a job week?
A shilling for the meter?
Bay city rollers socks.:eek:
Osmonds t-shirt:D
Jackie magazine:)
Sherbet Fountains(with the liquorice stick):p
The Herbs(on TV)...Parsley the lion was my fav
Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet...drool drool;)
Little House on The Prairie:)
Smash Hits magazine
Knitted tank tops, Pork pie hats and Crombie coats:eek:
Lacey, only the socks? I had BCR knickers with Les's face on them :eek:

Do any of you remember the culotte style pyjamas that buttonned up the front? I had a bright purple pair :D