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A trip down Memory Lane?

Oh dear - sounds ominous - got any photos???? Hahahaha


Queen of the Damned
Heck no - I ain't that brave!!! :eek: Let's just say occasionally my enthusiasm for knittng meant it could be a bit erratic with the number of stitches, etc!! :p
LMAO I remember when I was at school, my best mate's older married sister had a baby so i decided to knit some booties.... The one turned out like it would fit and elephant so i gave up and bought a pressie instead :rolleyes:


Queen of the Damned
My gloves always looked like they were made for a freak of nature - mittens were safer!! :p


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Just a few things that quickly come to mind.

Bat Materson
TV...Green Acres
Mr. Ed the talking horse.
Top of the Pops
Walt Disney
Thunder Birds.
I Dream of Jeannie
Cliff Richard Show...

anniseed balls
Gob stoppers
various boiled sweets.
Chocolate was a real treat
Jam, jam ice lollies
super split.

Denim mini skirt
Dress with a zip up the front
Tent dress
Tie neck blouse
Puff sleeves
Bat wing sleeve
I remember sewing in panels in by bell bottoms and embroidering my names of my favourite groups on them.
I had a lovely grandfather t-shirt, long cardigan, hoop earing and runners that I had written love and peace etc., with different coloured markers all over them.

I think like the TV programmes all the fashion has come around about three times already in my life time!!!

My holidays with my granny in her old country house, it had no running water etc. I was only about three or four and I can remember washing my face and hands in a little stream beside the house and I hated her hens as they were nearly as big as me.

I loved to watch my friends granny spinning wool, the weavers making tweed, saving the hay, cutting turf, sheep dipping...I spent a lot of time rambling as a young child with my friend it is one of the freedoms as young children we enjoyed.

Love Mini xxx


Queen of the Damned
Gobstoppers were my fav, although with my brothers and sisters I think my mum bought them just to get some peace!! ;) :rolleyes:


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LMAO Brightness!!!! Les's face on your knickers!!!!:eek: Oh...you're killing me. :)

ooooo, just remembered, Fab Ice Lollies, Fruit Salad Chews, fruit flavoured lip gloss, growing a little pony tail down the back of my short hair style, Circle Skirts and Polyvelt shoes(Northern Soul era!:D ), knitting(NOT tank tops:p )


Ancient Egypt Nut!
C: 18st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.9
I'm sure your Tank Tops were Ab Fab darling....:D

I will only admit to knitting scarves that came in an assortment of coloured squares!!!!

I bow down to you, oh Queen of the knit one pearl one...:p


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I tried knitting a few times but could never get the hang of casting off so would just end up with these Dr Who length scarves that then used to unravel! :D

Also loved watching The Banana Splits, Grange Hill, Fenn St Gang!!!

Who remembers Leslie Ash being the resident cover girl on Jackie!! :eek:

Really showing my age now!!! :D


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Does anyone remember Romper Room with Ms Roslin.

I was on that, oh yeah baby. Can't remember it myself though, but I was deffo on it when i was a little (not) boy.

I also had my Birthday card read out between the progs on Anglia TV. Problem is I don't actually remember it myself, but my Mum said it deffo happened.


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My earliest very clear memory of the 70’s was T Rex (Cool) and David Bowie (defines cool) and the street parties for the Queens Jubilee.

My teen memories are wishing I was Jack Regan (Sweeney) and Bodie (Professionals). Telling people I hated Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet (it was cool to say you didn't like them, because they were girly), but secretly thinking they were cool.

Getting a George Michael (Careless Whisper) haircut - I swear I was the spit.

Taking Cookery (or Food & Nutrition as it was called in my school) as one of my options, just to sit next to Jane Crossley. Sad thing was, in the summer holidays, I went out with her for about 10 minutes before she 'chucked' me (remember that expression). Obviously, I told my mates that it was the other way round. I then spent two years in a class with a girl I couldn't stand :mad: :mad: Still, I did fancy the teacher, so life weren't that bad ;)


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I can remember fancying a boy at school - strictly forbidden in my house until you were at least 21! Anyhow, I wrote him a love letter, really pouring my heart out, but didn't have the nerve to give it to him so just forgot about it....until....my Mum found it in my school bag!!! :eek: I WAS MORTIFIED!!!
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Spanish Gold sweet tobacco
Black Jacks and Fruit salad chews
Lord Toffingham ice-lollies
Tree-top squash
Hubba bubba, Bazooka & Bubbly bubble gums
Cresta 'It's frothy man!'

'Brentford Nylon' sheets :(
Skinny-rib jumpers
Birmingham bag trousers (with pockets on the side of the legs and huge waistbands)
Platform shoes
'Flicked' fringes ... (I'd use so much hairspray to make my flicks stay-put that I'd have to use cotton wool to absorb the drips!)
'Birds nest' perms

Transistor radios
The chart run-down on a Tuesday lunch time
Jackie magazine with 'Cathy & Claire' problem page
Chad looking over a wall - ("Wot, no .... ?")
'Love is ...'
Trolls on the end of your pencils

To mention a few .... Ahhhh the 70s!!

Debbie x


Gone fishing
Oh goodness Debbie! That brought back some memories.

Loved the sweet tobacco almost as much as the real thing.

Those Brentford nylon sheets. OMG. They were awful weren't they. Along with brushed nylon nighties.

You mentioned so many things that I haven't thought off for ages :cool:

You've just brought back so many memories that have made me laugh - sitting here crying at the thought of those darned awful 'flicks' :D Oh and when you get to goal, there's a shop about 20 miles from me (smack in between mine and my mates house ;) ) that sells sweet tobacco :p slurrrrppppppppppppp.


One of my mates has just found a similar letter in her 15 yr old son's pocket declaring undying love to the woman he babysits for. She phoned me in tears and I laughed - I don't think she understands how teenage boys always seem to have a thing for the older woman :rolleyes: . With my eldest we got the shock that he was sneaking downstairs and viewing porn on the computer when we were all asleep :eek: :rolleyes: :D Oh yeah, and I do remember that beatchhhhhhhhhhhh Leslie Ash always being on mag covers PMSL.

Hey Brad,

If you were a secret Spandau Ballet worshipper it's OK - most guys were hahahaha.

Tony Hadley and his ex wife had a house near here (for house read MANSION!!!!). I used to be a Supervisor at Safeways and they would come in shopping. His wife was such a cow that more than once she had my girls in tears.

One day I saw her coming and decided to teach her a lesson. When she got to the checkout I went and told the young girl to go and have a break and got on her till ;) .

***** face started whining about having to unload her own trolley (she had a packer at the other end) so i completely ignored the whines - if she'd have asked nicely i would have got someone to do it for her as I would have for anyone who asked nicely or looked as if they were struggling (those were the days when customer service was paramount and Safeways was a posh supermarket).

When it came to paying she said in a very loud voice "Don't you know who I am?" and handed me a gold credit card.

I replied that yes, I was well aware who she was thank you very much (in a very pizzed off voice), so she said that she wanted to see the checkout manager as the service she was getting wasn't good enough :rolleyes:

The look on her face when I told her that I was duty checkout manager and I was sorry if it wasn't to her standards but it was plenty good enough for the Lord and Lady who I had just been chatting to & also for just about every other customer :rolleyes: :D .

She then went on about being married to a famous pop star etc and that she should have much better service LMAO

I replied that yes we all knew whom she was married to and that her husband came in quite often and was such a perfect gentleman and a delight to serve and talk to :D

She then got very flustered and walked away in a huff. The young packer then said in a very loud voice that it was a shame her gorgeous hubby didn't teach her some manners LOL. I should've taken her to task over it but how could I when I couldn't have agreed more!!!!

Incidentally, yep, I met Tony Hadley on many occasions and he was lovely (Pierce, we need some love heart and drooling smilies!!!!). He's a really good laugh too - proper 'old fashioned' Londoner.....

OK I'm babbling, I'll go now ;)
things i remember from secondary school in the 80s

a mullet hair do, long floppy fringe, spikey on top, chooped up short above the ears with long hair at the back, dyed burgundy

electric blue mascara and twilight teaser lipstick

pencil skirts with buttons up the back

batwing tops

bright coloured plastic jewellery

plastic shopping baskets and jelly shoes


being a 'Duranie' rather than a Spanner! (spandeaux ballett)

being in love with John Taylor

crackling gum which exploded in your mouth

my mums old orange morris 1000, and then later a peacock blue avenger

87= 1st boyfriend with clapped out rusty yellow ford capri, thinking i was SO cool being picked up from college in his car


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What i remember

woodwork not cdt
cookery not home economics
maths not numeracy
english not literacy
games not physical education
sewing not textiles

my daughter was looking through my old school reports and was laughing her head off she thinks i went to school in the dark ages !
I am 30 FFS !!! :eek:

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