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A virigins' guide to WW!


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I'm writing this as I live through my virginal experience of Weight Watchers.

I went to my very first meeting yesterday where I weighed in at a massive 15 stones 3lb!! I thought I was just over 14 stones (which is bad enough!!) but alas, I'm massive.

I'm a size 18 on bottom and 16 on top and would LOVE to be a size 10/12 by the time I'm 21 (I'm 19 now) so got 18 months to do it.

I'm also hoping to lose about 5.5 stones so I'm hoping WW is the way for this clueless dieter to go!

Day one
Woke up this morning, had a cup of hot water with a lemon slice and some LF cereal with skimmed milk (I didn't measure it though:rolleyes:).

Lunch involved a LF egg mayo sandwich (6.4 points), snack a jacks (2.5 points) an apple (0.9 points) and a diet coke.

Dinner was 1/4 of a jacket spud (0.5 of a point), cucumber, carrot, handful of pasta (1 point), handful of sweetcorn (0.5 of a point), 1 hard boiled egg (1.5 points) and veggie stir fry in this oily sauce which I've not got the points value yet but I'm a bit worried it'll be quite high.

Snacks included an Alpen Light Bar (1.0 point), a small cup of apple juice (0.5) and my naughty treat of a jaffa cake bar (3 points).

Oh, and plenty of water.

Here is my issue, my points limit is 27 per day which is a high amount and I'm very almost at that limit but I'm still hungry.

What is a girl to do? I've walked about half a mile today (not sure how far, I'll have to wear a pedometer tomorrow to count my total steps) but I am trying to stay on my feet more and walk a bit further - this is hard work for the worlds laziest lady!

So, day 1, still sticking to the plan but I'm hungry still :(
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Well done on sticking to Day 1. What about trying soup at lunchtime with a sandwich as I always find it filling. Make some sugar free jelly as that's 0 points. I also like plain rice cakes dipped in lf houmous. Again, quite filling.

Good luck with Day 2.

LOL, that's what I thought. I made some and my lovely family found it and ate it before I could! The new batch is under barbed wire at the back of the fridge.


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Hey its great to see youve started a diary:) Its brilliant! I add every day to mine and i also add my troubles my thoughts ideas etc basically i babble! ALOT! .. But i do find it helps me out and also everyone gives such great advice and they always know what to say :)
It sounds like your doing great ... you could try porridge for breaky keep you fuller for longer? ... I always leave a few points each day for snacks between meals as im a bit of a grazer tends to work for me most of the time
Sounds like your off to a flying start xxx
Hi I have 27 points in a day aswell and some days I feel like there just isnt enough points going around, make free point soup with your free veg and stock, a bovril is free, carrot sticks, ww jelly is point free. WW yoghurts are only 1/2 a point. Or do what I do and once all the points are used just go to your bed!! Lol.

Hope this helps a bit....


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Thanks guys!

Day 2 and I haven't used all my points up again so quickly but I'm still feeling hungry all the time, it really sucks!

I'm moving out temporarily tomorrow but all my junk has to be out of this room so I'll get plenty of exercise from moving out ;)

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