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A week of ups & downs


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Hi every one :wave_cry:

I've had a really weird week this week. I've not done anything wrong dietwise, stuck to my syns but do seem to have eaten more than I usually would. I've been a bit hit and miss with my meals, not having 3 a day, skipping here and there and then being really hungry for doing it - I think if I'm honest I've just been lazy, in a totally can't be arsed mood and need to shake myself out of it.

Today I'm constantly hungry - I had two alpen light bars for breakfast and a coffee, headed out to my son's sports day and went for a jacket potato with hubby and son afterwards. Hubby bought me a solero from the petrol station on the way to shopping (5 syns)

I had a special K bar a bit later while shopping, first one I've had, can't say I'm overly impressed.

I had a jacket potato (well a bit of one, it exploded in the oven, first time that's happened to me) with syn free chilli that I made yesterday.

An hour or so later I'm hungry again so I'm having some of the left over chilli.

I'm a scale demon, I stand on them every day no matter what they tell me - couple of days they said I'd gained a stone :eek: Deffinately couldn't be the case, I'd have to have pigged out majorly on rubbish for that and I've done nothing wrong - its down again today but still showing a gain - don't know what to make of that cause I've been good just hungry.

I had some news a couple of days ago that could potentially sabotague my long term weightloss plan so I have to pull myself together, get organised and make sure that is n't going to happen. Guess things are sent to try us along the way and we just have to over come them.

There is n't really any point to this post lol, just felt like having a moan I guess. :sigh::sigh:
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sometimes we just need a agood whinge. Feel better after it. Hubby doesnt understand that-says you need solutions to feel better. Different species-wish I could glue some hormones on his belly so he could understand sometimes. Anyway chin up ,boobs pointed and start from now-you've done so well I'm glad you posted this cos I would want you to suffer in silence and start munching. Sending you a good old fashioned telling off and a ahug to bring you back x:whoopass::grumble::asskick::nono::grouphugg:

Devon Dolce

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You moan away hun, that's what we're here for - Minis are great sounding boards! xx


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Alia -- you are doing great...please dont let anything sabotage your WILL and determination...

rememebr...if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got!

love you!! I am home today...friday...lets skype if you want to!!!!


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When I feel like I'm having a down week - I focus on the positive aspects. Look back at how well you've done, things you've learnt and the lifestyle changes you've made. That way you're outlook becomes more positive and you'll face each day with the right 'I Can Do This' mental attitude!



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Ive had a few of these days and people on here have always picked me up and set me back on my way.
It will pass hun and remember nothing can stop you but yourself - your in control of what you do and don't eat x x x
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As long as you're on plan, and losing (which you are lots and lots - I'm very jealous!!) I really wouldn't worry about frequency and size of your meals. You can get more analytical when the losses slow down!
The beauty of Slimming World is that you can *gasp* EAT when you're hungry!!! ;) :)


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You are doing so well, Alia! You come across as such a bubbly lady who is full of life and I hate to think you are sad. But that's why we are all here. Vent away!

Big hugs for you!


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S: 31st11lb C: 21st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 46 Loss: 10st11lb(33.93%)
ty ladies for your words of encouragement, they really help and the stupid thing is that my down week was based pretty much on what I thought my scales were reading, a huge gain but the whole time it was a huge loss cause I did n't even think to look at the stones so I did n't notice that had gone down to the next stone bracket.

If that's not a reason to stay off the scales at home then I dont know what is!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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I want to say LOL but that sounds mean! What a great thing to find out tho - just sorry about all the concern that came before.. good for you x


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Wow!!! What a relief for you!! I, too, am sorry you had to have concern first!

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