A weekend off? Whaddya reckon?


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I'm feeling a bit fed up, and heading towards old habits due to food depression. Am wondering whether to just have a weekend off, allow myself to be naughty and get this blip out of my system.

The weight's not coming off quickly enough (totally my fault due to lack of consistency), so I'm finding it hard to want to stick to it. Wonder whether I'd be better off just having a few days off, going mad and then getting back on the wagon...or do I keep struggling on, maybe put on a little bit, but not too much. Or, do I change to a different diet and try to focus my enthusiasm on that?

I'm not going to a class, and think that may be part of the problem, as haven't got that big stick hanging over me. But i can't go to a class either, so that's not a solution.

What to do? Why can't I just wake up weighing ten stone? How do you lot keep yourselves motivated? Aaagh!!
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When I hit a slump my doctor actually suggested taking several weeks off and then getting back to it. If SW is working well for you and you like it its a shame to jump ship.

If you can restrict yourself to purely a couple of days off AND are ok with any slight gain you have then go for it. A couple of days break can be just what you need, just dont let it turn into weeks/months ;)


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This is such a personal thing. A lot of people will scream 'noooooooo don't do it' but I personally do it sometimes and it works well for me. If you feel you can limit yourself to few days then go ahead get it out of your system and you should come back with more motivation. Just don't let it turn into a week, a month etc etc. Maybe try a flexible syns day first - see if that's enough to get it out of the system. Sometimes I find a little gain quite motivating as I know I don't want to go there again. It's been said time and time again but it's a head thing - your head has absolutely got to be in the right place. If not then I personally think your wasting your efforts trying to diet. I wouldn't change diets (unless SW really doesn't suit you) as I doubt it's the plan that's the problem more the fact that you are just having a blip - it happens to all of us. If you do have a few days off plan make them worth it - eat your favourites and enjoy them - don't feel guilty or even think about syns.
Hope you work out whats right for you.
Just shout if you need a kick up the bum or a shoulder to cry on!


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Hi... Ok don't think you are going to like what I have to say... but I am on your side before you throw a hissing fit at me...

The diet is working... it is the motivation that isn't... SO what is the point in changing to another as you will only get fed up with that when it isn't coming off quick enough.

You need to work on the motivation and taking time off to stuff your face isn't going to get you motivated is it?.... well is it? You are then going to start back on this or another one and think... OMG I have put on what ever and this is so hard and I am never going to do it so maybe I should take a few more days off... do you see the circle here.

What is right is if you mind isn't really truly on it then you will never do it.. if the mind isn't keeping up with you... you will go around on of on off and beating yourself up.

By the sounds of it you need to have a stiff talk with yourself... pick up your bottom lip and start doing something that does motivate you.. exercise.. take the kids swimming .. bike riding something like that and that will build your confidence and also get you out and about and doing something.

There are lots of good recipes around on here and I will even send you all the ones I have ... get in that kitchen and make some fantastic meals... that will also stop the food depression.

We all want what we can't have... and no one said you can't have anything... just syn it and don't over indulge.

Ok I am going to stop here as I don't want or have any intention of upsetting you... just hope that my very stern words have made you think.. hang on YEAH she is right and I can do this and Rome wasn't built in a day and all these women and men here are struggling to and it is great to have such a wonderful support group and we are really backing each other so... yep I am going to stick at it ... good days and bad! :eek:

Good luck x



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Hi, we'd all love to wake up at 10st but I guess it took us years to get bigger and so we cant expect it to just dissappear overnight. I think I agree with Treats - try and be more positive - be adventurous in the kitchen and I've found doing ther games on this site keeps my fingers occupied so I'm less likely to nibble in the evenings. If you cant get to a class then use us as your "group" -we all need encouragement.


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I have taken the odd weekend off ..and I have totally taken this week off (my birthday party and being on annual leave etc etc) but if truth be known I wish (in some ways) I had been on plan. I have enjoyed most of what I have eaten.. but it hasnt done me any favors.. im bloated.. sluggish and worrying about what I may have put back on.. dont worry Im not depressed or overly stressing but it is niggling.. so I would probably look at why you are fed up.. you say youre not consistant.. so BE consistant.. get the recipes.. cook ahead...

Im going to go through ALL my SW magazines for tasty things, who wants to live on SW quiche & quorn bolognaise !! (nice as it is) to get me back on track.. find all those unusual things you can have and not just the basics we all seem to circle around.

This talking to is to myself as well!!! I need to get off my ass again.. so really what I am saying is ..dont take the weekend off.. look at new ways of doing things... in fact lets start another new thread of new ways of doing things!!! :D


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Hun can i ask why u can't go to class.
may u could give yourself a flexi day get it out your sytem put personally i don't think that will work i've been where u r before and i really struggled and eventually gave up and put all the weight back on and more pls don't ruin what u have already done. u need to find your reason for doing it again and your push. sit down and think why u want to do this.
what r u not having now that u used to have before. if the problem is u feel deprived maybe u should do what i do and allow yourself a flexi day on your weigh in day then u can eat the things u miss and still be incontrol.
i know its hard hun we all struggle at times. but imagine how great u r gonna feel hitting target if that seems to far away imagine how u will feel another stone down or half stone.
u can do it hun find what ever u need to to pull yourself back. maybe you need to try new recipes or go back to basics.
good luck hun i know u can do it u have already come so far


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I felt exactly the same as you on Sunday. I ate whatever I wanted which was a chicken and bacon sandwich, Packet of Mcoys, 3 cheescakes and a steak pie with mash and beans! And the damage was a gain of 1lb :eek: I put on 1lb in just 1 day. So if you have a week off, you will probably be looking at a 1/2 stone gain. Do you want to be 1/2 stone heavier than you are now? I reckon it would take about a month to lose that 1/2 stone!

Also, I was so disapointed with myself after weigh-in on Monday. If I hadn't been naughty I probably would have had a 2lb lose and would be only 1.5lb away from my Club 10. Now I have delayed it by another 2 weeks!

1-2lbs a week is realistically the most you can expect on a diet where you are eating a nice amount of food, you will also have an excellent chance of actually keeping it off. SW is for life, and I think it's one of the only plans that you can follow for life.

Good luck with whatever route you choose to take and remember we are all here when you need us x


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There can be a huge difference between coming off your diet for a few days and bingeing. The 2 dont necessarily have to be the same. When I conciously took time out I actually ate very similarly but I knew I was doing it by choice. I didnt gain anything at all, I did have more junk food and also a couple of takeaways but I didnt go mad.

I definitely think theres a balance you can strike, taking the feeling of dieting away can be very therapeutic but you do have to (I think) set strong guidelines as to how long youll be off it.

Oh and another thing my 'time off' did for me, was realise that you know when I get to goal I think Ill be able to maintain, because my instinct wasnt to stuff my face or go back to my pre diet habits. That in itself was a real motivation when I climbed back on the wagon
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I was going to say exactly what starlight said, although i think my way would have been more waffley!! I took time out cos I knew i couldnt continue with SW, (yup I took too long out) but I went back to it last week and in a week ive lost 8 pounds, for me going off plan for a while wasnt the end of the world and it made me start with a fresh new outlook xxx


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See this is the thing... we have to get the word diet out of our heads as this is a real mental block.

Well tis for me ... makes me feel bad hearing the word!! We have to look at this as a new eating regime and think ok... we are going to have good and bad days but this is for me... and I don't want to be like this for the rest of my life.

I always do a for and against list and if there are more fors.... I work for it.

Try to get out of the habit of rewarding with food... try something new.... a lipstick.... new stockings... underwear...new shoes... gym membership... new magazine.

Now have to be careful or I will break out into song... one day at a time... hehe


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my advice have your favourite meal!! forget counting it or anything just have it, it will make you feel better! last friday i went to frankie and bennies had pizza it felt amazing but made me so determined to be good, had WI today lost 2lbs! now after this loss its made me more determined to think i could loose a stone 7 weeks makes me really more determined!

go have something naughty but hope back on the wagon and set yourself a goal like i have :)


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You are all so amazing! Thanks so much...

Treats, you're quite scary, but in a 'actually talks a lot of sense' way, so thanks for that. And you're right.

Tinkerbellsmum - to be honest, I can't go to class because they always coincide with bedtime, and I can't miss that.

It was my weigh in today, and I've put on a pound. First thought, disappointment. Second, annoyance. Third, disappointment. Bum. But, looking at it with a realistic eye, in the last week I have had -
a night off to get drunk (very), with fish and chips, and party food; a whole pack of pringles. 3 x huge school cookies. So not exactly been good, and therefore quite lucky to only gain one. fourth emotion - annoyance with self.

So this is the plan...

Friday, sensible day. Treat night (!)

Saturday, do lots of cooking and get my ass in gear!

I can do this. I want to do this. I will do this. At the end of the day, I've lost nine pounds in two months, and while not a miraculous amount, it's a damn sight better than none, and if I did the same all year I'd have lost nearly four stone, after which I would surely disappear completely.

So onwards and upwards....and can someone please post the lasagne recipe here - I love lasagne and it's so freezeable for those days you just can't be bothered.

Once again, thanks gals n guys. What would I do without you all?



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Hi K

Well I am really pleased that you have given yourself a kick up the butt :8855: Yes this takes willpower and we are all going to have ups and downs.... So WELL DONE for your loss so far and looking forward seeing how much you lose in the future.

I didn't mean to scare you... just I think that honesty is the best policy... Yes we can all flower it up but what is the point... we are all intelligent people here and figure things out in the end just that some of us need a little push or a kick :8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:.

I have posted a lovely lasagne recipe on here see if I can find it for you as it has a picture too and is wonderful!!!

Mrs V

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Listen to Treats Hun...she makes sense!!!
On one hand you feel guilty that you have gained weight and are thinking about straying....on the other hand you realise that the rubbish that you eat will make you gain weight, whether it takes a week or two...it will catch up with you eventually.
If you stick to this plan 100% you will see a difference, yes it takes longer for some, but thats all part of our journey.
I am doing this alone, purely because I cant afford to go to class. I just remind myself of how heavy I was and think do I really want to be there again?! The answer....no! If I saboutage things by eating cr*p, then its not going to come off anytime soon!