A wkend off S/S - wot will happen?!!


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Hi all, when I joined S/S not only did I have a weight target but also a 6wk target to fit into a dress ready for a special party. I am now on wk 4nd lost 19lb which is great but am now worried what will happen when I do eat and drink at the party. I was so looking forward to eating and drinking what I wanted to but am now not so sure!! I dont know what it will do to my weight ( I wont be at target) and I want to return to s/s the next day and not sure how easy or not this will be.

anyone had a similiar experience, any advice etc??

My advice having seen a lot of people now is DON'T COME OFF THE DIET FOR 1 DAY!

I know loads of people will say they did it and managed to get straight back on but also loads of people did it and couldn't get back on the diet.

Why risk it for one night ?

No Dont Do It

Hi fingersx
My story:
I did CD SS last year I lost 2st 9lbs in 9 weeks .........FAB
I went out for a works do and had drinks..........
I couldnt get back on Track and I regained my losses over 4 months as I couldnt get back on track!
Theres my answer??
Once you cheat you have to eat??
Only you can decided
I agree with mike
even though ive never tried it. I definatly wouldnt risk it.
I know your looking forward to it. But whats more important having fun with food and drink for one night or getting to your target weight for life?
I remember saying that I would eat on Xmas day last year and would be fine but when it came to it I didn't eat a thing. The reason was that although I believed I could get back on sole source I met a guy who had eaten the Xmas day the year before and he believed he could!

Just not worth the risk.....
Difficult one this, some people can eat/drink and get back on the next day to SS fine and still loose weight. I on the other hand attempted this and it was very hard to stop, and I ate far too much. Weigh in isn't until thursday so don't know the outcome yet. Now I wish I hadn't eaten!

I have another party in a couple of weeks, and I will not eat or drink but mingle in my smaller clothes!

Some others will offer you advice, but you have to do what you have to do! The best thing is, if you know you can get back on to it thats fine, but you don't really know until you try. Or would you prefer a nice loss again that week instead of one night of eating and drinking!

Let us know what you decide to do, and by the way, well done 19 pounds in 4 weeks is FAB!

You must be so pleased with your success and I understand your dilemma as I have had two weddings since starting CD. I don't think you will be able to make your mind up for sure until the day. Both times I took tetra's with me and my counsellor told me to have them even if I ate to reduce the amount I planned to eat. I did choose not to drink anyway which was easy to do as I often get migraines drinking in the daytime anyway and it was easy to have a good time without it anyway. I did eat at the first wedding I was able to get straight back to SS straight away and it just slowed down the weight loss that week, the second wedding the food was awful so ate little but was followed by a holiday and so I had a semi holiday from the diet too my stuck for a few weeks as I was nibbling. It has taken a loss of determination to get back on course but I have now done so.

I would suggest you take into consideration how quickly you want to lose. Will you struggle to have to 'start again' etc etc.

I have been to Parties with buffets and it has been very easy not to cheat and I have been glad not to do so. At the weddings I could have not eaten happily but didn't want to draw attention by not doing so. I think you will know on the day but you are sensible to be thinking it through ahead of time.

Lovely you have the party as a goal but when the party is over that goal will be gone and so you should also consider this in your decision. I sure you will get some good advice on dealing with this situation from some of the counsellors on the forum I can only tell you my specific experiences.

Best wishes Dizzy>
It's about choice isn't it? You choose to eat and drink at the party, and accept that you may have difficulties afterwards - or you choose not to eat or drink at the party. I think there's an important bit of work to be done here, about not seeing food and drink as a "reward". Also, if you have been sticking to SS 100% - drinking alcohol may not be a pleasant experience, and could actually be dangerous.
Think carefully, make your choice, but make an INFORMED choice.
Whatever you decide, we'll help you through.
Ann x
This is a tough one. I can't give you any advice, but can share what's happened to me.

I tend to have an AAM once a week. I find that stops me from getting obsessed. I do find the next day I want to eat though.

A months ago I had a week off while I had a think about what my weight loss meant and whether I was OK where I was a tone heavier than target, but looking thinner than I'd anticipated.

I took the week after a wedding, a birthday and a funeral. I really struggled to get back. I'd eat at the end of the day or I'd eat on day 3 which I find tough. It took me nearly three weeks to get back on track. If I'd stayed SS, I'd have ben close to my goal.

It took extreme measures - booked holiday and really didn't want more chubby armed photos to get me back on track.

It may be that you're fine andyou have no problems. But you won't know until afterwards. Icemoose's blog where he met the guy who'd come off for Christmas and not got back, might be worth a read before you decide.
Hi there

Well done on your fab weight loss so far:D As others have said only you can decide what is right for you. I did LighterLife and am now doing CD - I was one of the only ones in my group who didn't lapse and they have all found it really hard to get back on track and wished they hadn't "cheated". Having said that plenty of people get on track the next day after eating, but I suspected I would find it VERY hard so didn't risk it.

Its only once I stopped eating conventional food that I realised that practically ALL socialising involves eating and drinking. For the first few weeks I didn't see friends as much as I thought I might be tempted but after that I went out and just had my water and sometimes a bar if they had a meal as I didn't want to miss out on my social life! The first couple of times I felt a bit odd but then realised nobody else was as bothered by what I was or wasn't eating as I thought. I went to a couple of weddings and birthdays and though there were tricky moments I found I could still have fun and a laugh without eating and drinking and felt so good the next day knowing I was closer to my goal.

It depends if not eating or drinking will ruin the night for you or if you can still have a good time - all the best for whatever you decide.
Well done on your weight loss. My first real target was a party too and I had fantasised about going there in a size 10 dress (after 4 weeks on CD, yeah right) eating and drinking all night and generally having a fabulous, thin time. But then I realised that one night wasn't as important as being the weight I wanted to be. The fact that at that very party I got loads of compliments spurred me on to continue. However, I was starting AAM that week so I had one piece of chicken from the buffet and a prawn but I have managed to be quite disciplined so I don't know if I'd really recommend that (not to say you aren't disciplined but so many people seem to fall off the wagon this way).

....so much for your comments and advice so far, they are great and v helpful. Not sure what I will do so will keep you all posted! I do feel really determined to get straight back on S/S the next day and still have loads of will power for this so am confident I can do so (famous last words?!) either way at least I can go to the party knowing I look a lot better and slimmer than I did!:)

thanks all
I'm on SS, and today kind of got into a situation where I had to eat a meal. I didn't eat alot- and felt stuffed and sick, not to mention guilty!!
Its really hard to eat when you don't feel physically hungry, and you will probably feel full quite quickly.
IMO with hindsight, it's not worth it, but the choice is yours to make.
Good Luck !
I have come across this situation many times over the years with many of my clients.

In your situation this is what I would advise. You are on week 4 so next week is your AAM. Postpone your AAM for a week and make the week of the Party part of AAM.

That way you will be eating a little every day plus your packs so the party will not be such a shock to your system. Still stick to white and green you will find this in the buffet and still have all your packs.

I would avoid the alcohol as it will really knock you for six if you have been SS for a while.

The following week back to SS this should then set you straight for your next 4 weeks.

You are due an AAM in a week's time just postpone it for l week.

Hi Congrats on your weight loss.
As has been said the choice is yours
Some people seam to fine 1 days eating noprobs they get stright back to SS some find it so so hard to get back to SS
I had been on SS 4weeks when it was my birthday and a family meal had been aranged I decided to have meat and salad,ordered smallest on menu and most of it went home for dog as could not eat it felt to full only drunk water all evening,later on on SS went to party was going to eat but not drink but did not fancy anything when I got there so had a bar,but when I went on holiday and eat I found it harder to stick to SS once home everyone if diffrent,but you should try not to eat but Iafter reading how people have felt after drinking on SS I would deff say not to the drink
Hope you have a good time at the party what ever you chose to do and with the weight loss you will look great.
Lindas advice is spot on, I went away last week, it was for work and all food was provided, I made turned it into my aam week and stuck with white and green all the time, small amounts, I had 2 packs and 2 meals for 3 days and lost 1lb on the next weigh in and went to ss no problem.

If you do eat, then you must stick to aam rules imo, and no booze, if it is buffet then I would go with a bar in my bag and not eat but if it is a sit down meal then you can do it, but you have to make the right choices. Its not worth jeopordising what you have done for 1 night.
Don't forget we are all individuals, and whatever you choose to do is up to you and is right in your eyes. Just let us know what you do decide to do, and whatever you do do, have a lovely time and post some pics!!