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A work in progress...

Dear Diary,

Today is another one of those days, I wake up, I get dressed, I look in the mirror and I think "Today is the day, I need to start a diet". The only difference about today is I don't want to start a diet. I am not motivated like the other times were I failed after day 1,2,3 and so on. This time I just think "Meh" I will eat what I want but log it on MFP and when it tells me to stop eating I will... even if it is at 12 noon :rolleyes:

After a few harsh words from some "Youth" at the takeaway a few nights ago, I felt determined. I was going to wake up a new me and lose 5 stone in 6 months woohooo ... but morning came and I forgot all about it. This time im taking my time and enjoying the ride :D if it takes me 3 years so be it. This time will pass anyway whether I am a fat or not!

So Diary (and anyone reading) today is Day 1 of well logging what I eat and letting an app decided if i should have my next meal, perhaps this way I will realise I need to eat less in order to eat more if that makes sense?

I also have not weighed myself which is strange for me, usually I have a start weight at 9am, 1pm and before bed. I just don't want to know as last time I weight myself I was 241 which is rather disgusting considering my height. Denial is best for now. I will weigh when I "feel" a difference, until then im not interested in what the scales have to say. :cool:

Oh and before I forget, I actually ventured to the Gym this morning :eek::eek: and I wasn't putting any pressure on myself, I didn't feel like it was a chore nor was I excited about it. Again "meh" ... burnt 650 calories approx. Not to shabby.

First entry over....
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Good luck :) Seems like you've got a good attitude, not treating it as a diet. Nice work at the gym too! :)
Well I won't lie and say the last day or so has been easy as it hasn't. Still havn't weighed myself and have no intentions to just yet, maybe in a few days. I don't want to know right now. When I feel different that will be enough for me.

Havn't been back to the gym yet but it has only been 2 days, really looking forward to going back which will probably be tomorrow morning, if DD is good ;-)

So far this morning I have had cornflakes and a couple glasses of water. Planning on T soup for lunch and probably a stir fry for tea with a low calories choccy treat for x factor.
Good luck :) Seems like you've got a good attitude, not treating it as a diet. Nice work at the gym too! :)
Thanks, i feel like a new me. Even OH is surprised, usually I am a scales addict and full of hopes and dreams about how fast the weight will come off, but this time im just getting on with my life but happen to be losing weight. The losing weight isn't my life iykwim
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Dear Diary

Sorry still no weight update, staying strong though. Even joked to OH last night that I will weigh myself on christmas day lol he doesnt believe me ... I don't think I could hold out that long to be honest :p

Well we are on Day 5ish now I have lost count. Still doing well although I have came to conclusion I must eat healthy and not just eat what I want. Going to drink alot more water from now also as I have been reading up on its weight loss miracles.

I think I may weigh myself today, although I am nervous as I have a feeling I put the 13lbs back on when I had my bad 10 days. Which would mean I would be disappointed when looking at the scale, but If i assume I did put on the 13lb OR MORE then I guess It shouldnt be too bad.

Wish me luck!

Just realised how I went from determined not to way at beginning of post to "Right I am weighing" at end haha
Haha. Even if you don't weigh, you'll be able to tell by how your clothes fit. So weighing at christmas and knowing youre on track is completely doable!
Haha. Even if you don't weigh, you'll be able to tell by how your clothes fit. So weighing at christmas and knowing youre on track is completely doable!
Well I weighed today :eek: really wish I hadnt but would be nice to have a start weight. As I feared my last loss of 13lbs was clearly ruined as I am 17 stone 8lb which means I am 9lbs heavier :sigh:

Not weighing till xmas now though lol x
Had a Dr's appointment this morning regarding my asthma. Ofcourse as always popped on the scale, was happy to see that It was in Kilos and I have no idea about those haha so didnt think anything of it. Got a lecture from him regarding weight and I said well I am trying just now, he recommended referring me to a Dietician, which I accepted so waiting for an appointment which could take 10 weeks.

Got home and first thing I did was go online to convert my weight ... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!! AHHHH

-2lbs which I am pleased about as I have had a good few slips, cant really get my head in the right place at all. But at least I am carrying on this time.
Youre doing well though! Well done!
Right im not going to lie. I have weighed again LOL another 3lbs off this morning so think my head is now in the right place. I like to see results, probably wont set weigh in days etc but if i need a boost il jump on and off. Its still an achievement for me as i used to weight about twice a day lol nutter!
Well done!

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