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A Year Ago Today


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Last year at exactly this time I was depressed beyond compare. It was my last day of being 29. I was to wake up the next day having changed prefix and having accomplished so very little for myself. I didn't want a party, having just failed a long, costly and painful IVF cycle and being a heavy smoker, morbidly obese, 282lbs, nearly 50 BMI woman who was out of breath even parking the car and wanted nothing more but to hide till the end eternity was nothing to celebrate.

It wasn't that I was binging or ignoring it, I had counted calories many a times before, had half-arsed started exercising and so on. It's probably the only reason why I was not 382 lbs. But I was surely going to die from that weight unless I changed it all around and I knew it. I wrote a letter to the me of today that day.

"Dear me of 2009,

I really hope you're happier than me. I really do.

Right now I am rather broken. Not enjoying turning 30 at all. Yesterday the dang IVF consultant said I need to lose weight (I am now 127kg before they'll do anything.

I could accept I need a year to cool off, stop smoking, lose the weight, get healthy and then I can dive into it and I'll get pregnant but let's face it what are the odds I can accomplish such a task?!? 50 kilos at least! And then again is it worth the effort, the wait, the heartache? Can I do all this alone all on my own as I can count on no one in my life for support?

When you read this I hope you're a non-smoker and a healthy, 80kg (29) and ready to get pregnant on your first go that's soon to come. I hope you get that chick, you deserve it!"

If we overlook the :kissass: to the future me and all that :wave_cry: sob story attitude it's cheered me up. I didn't start right after that letter, it wasn't till January that I got my act straightened so I did still lose more time but nonetheless, I do want the party tomorrow, I listened to the 2008 me, I got my act straightened, when I despair for not being at perfect goal yet I need to remember I've gotten to where I didn't think I could ever get and beyond. So thank you Cambridge for giving me the tool to start changing my life.
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Miss Ama, that's a fantastic thing to do - writing a letter to your future self. I'm pleased for you that you've managed to achieve so much in what is really a short space of time in your life.


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Brilliant post and so inspiring!

Congratulations and well done!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx



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Am I correct in saying Happy Birthday then?

You have come so far this year and have made so many changes to your life you deserve a party.

And as much as you thank Cambridge, big props need to go to you for sticking with this diet and letting it work for you and change your life.

Just think if this is how far you have come in this first 12 months, the world is your oyster for the next 12.


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Awww Missama. See how fantastic it is to be 30 :clap: And guess what. It gets better and better :clap: Could never get why people want to stay young, or even look young. I've loved getting older....really!

You've done brilliantly. Embrassed 2009 with gusto and made things happen, rather than sit and feel sorry for yourself.

And..I am so pleased you said that Cambridge was the tool, rather than thanking Cambridge for changing your life.

You've done that. You :cool:


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Well done miss Ama! You've achieved so much this past year, you should be very proud of yourself :)


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Wow, thanks for sharing MissAma! Excellent idea by the way with the letter! I bet the letter gave you great inspiration during the CD time! You have done so amazingly well, and should be really proud of yourself!!! I feel like writing a letter like that for my 33th birthday in April :D.

And a big happy birthday for you tomorrow!


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Brilliant , just brilliant. So touching and very very inspirational xxx :D:D:D


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Firstly I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow.. I hope you wake up smiling and are happy because you so deserve to be.. You have done amazingly well on your journey and you have always been truly inspirational and supportive to me...

I nearly sobbed when reading your post I am feeling quite emotional having been down the IVF route I could have written that a while ago and I wish I would have lost my weight earlier..

All I wish for you is to get your much wanted precious baby and you sure do deserve it hon....... I will be keeping every part of me crossed that I can cross...

Party party party tomorrow and have lots of fun.. if I were near you I would party with you!!

Keep smiling hon as you deserve to only be happy..

lotsa love xx Marissa xxx


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well done hun! that is super and you have achieved so much! Hope this year's you is very proud of herself! :)

Excellent post - very inspiring .. well done!


To infinity and beyond!
Fantastic post, great to read.
Well done on your fabulous loss.
Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)


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Happy birthday for tomorrow!!

Thanks for the inspirational post! its truly very motivating, i too feel like writing myself a letter for my birthday next year :) you might have started a hype here :D
I truly hope you manage to achieve all your goals, Having done so well so far will help with the big one! Happy 31st Birthday too xx
oh wow, such a nice idea with the letter to your future-self!
I am so happy for you and wish you a wonderful day xxx

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