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I feel like such a fraud............had friends here last night and I glugged down a few glasses of wine and ate pitta and hummus........trying to kid myself that its okay now and again. I am raging with myself today.

My friends were telling me I looked great and am so angry with myself because I feel very very depressed and out of control today. I would love to hit the kitchen and get stuck in. :confused:

Its a vicious circle. I look awful, I feel awful, I am constipated and craving carbs......bloody carbs and its all my own fault. I need a kick in the hoohah !!

Am glugging water and staying busy to try and limit and contain any dammage I have done. Am going to be totally back on track tomorrow..........

Betty - meet the threadmill - threadmill this is Betty - you are going to be spending alot of time with each other this week.


Oh Bb Don't Beat Yourself Up Too Much, I Would Find It Hard To Resist If Someone Put Pitta And Houmous In Front Of Me! You'll Be Alright, You Know You Can Do It!
Are You Finding Cd Any Easier Or Are You Still Wanting To Go Back To Lt?

Keep Your Chin Up, Tomorrow Is Another Day
Keep my chinsssssss up !!! LOL .......oh its not funny. I was so single minded before Christmas and now I am just so angry with myself. Thanks for the encouragement.


And at least it wasn't a big chocolate cake or a packet of biscuits - I mean Gillian McKeith would almost approve!

Love Barb xx
:) Eaten DOES NOT mean beaten

:p Move on

;) Eyes on the prize

:confused: Get back on track NOW, why wait until tomorrow???
you are right Olijames. Back on track today. Haven't eaten have had my shake and far and plenty of water.

Thanks all

Me and you Betty, hand in cyber hand.... putting it behind us and moving on,

tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow we will succeed!

Hun its not the end of the world, just think what would you say if you were responding to a post and i said i just fell off the wagon, u would say "Roch, whats done is done, so just dust yourself off and get right back on track again"
We r all human and these things happen, u have done so well its only a tiny blip and now u r back on track.
Just carry on with your shakes and u will be back in ketosis in no time.
I am back with u Ssing tomorrow and i need your strength and positive thinking to keep me on the straight and narrow.
Take care hun and have a nice night xxxxx