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Fantasize all you like but don't you dare put anything in your mouth ;)

Hang in there, it will be worth it, promise and it will start to get a little easier soon.



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Step away from the food Ktd!

Have some water, paint your nails, have a bath, read a book, phone a friend, anything, it will pass.

Don't give in now, you are doing great :)


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My favourite dreams are ones where ive eaten something.. cos it means i feel like i have.. so i can get on with it.. hehe..
off topic i know.. lol

x x x
Once you get through the first week you'll be fine - hang in there ktd! (Psst, check out Porgeous' photo's in her sig - now THAT is inspiration!)


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Thanks you two, I think I'll go and have a bath!

Maybe it cause I've been sat around all day doing nowt. Annoying thing is I know I've been 100% this week and I can feel the difference. Scared that I am even thinking about sabotaging myself!

Kitten your crackers! All I have dreamt about since I started this diet is my ex for some reason, we split up over a year ago!

Princess you are right, the Jeans are pure thinsipration!


To infinity and beyond!
Good idea Ktd, don't ruin your good work.

Have you tried the arcade, that is good for taking your mind off things too :)


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Just won a beautiful cocktail dress on ebay that is 2 sizes too small, and I have 6 weeks to get in it!!

Its B E A Utiful.........!!!!!