Aaaaggghh I have food demons.......


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Hi Everyone,

I'm in need of some motivation.

It's day 6 and I'm seriously struggling with food demons, every where I turn I seem to be facing food :sigh:

I'm going to put myself to bed soon to get out of harms way, it's a good job I'm like Mother Hubbard with empty cupboards.

I have to be honest I've not had my full 4 packs I just cant face yet another banana or vanilla shake (that's all I'm eating) at this time of night.

I just need to turn the switch in my head to off.

Sorry for ranting x
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I'm the same but I'm on day one!! Arrgghhhh I think I have craved thought about every type of food even foods I didn't no I liked! And I am not very please with any of the food packs I have had today! Someone help xxxx


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Keep strong ladies & just focus on the end result. It gets easier as the days go on...just take 1 day at a time. Have you got goals set up? It helps to have achievable goals written down so you can focus on why your doing this. The lack of food is not forever, and try not to feel deprived. Your not deprived, your just making the choice to have food packs instead. That's the way I look at it. Also when your craving, have a huge glass of water then do something to take your mind off food such as walking the dog or go for a bath. My dogs are nackered as I'm now out walking to distract me when I'm bored & food thoughts enter my head.

Good luck xx


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S: 11st8.0lb C: 10st11.4lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 26 Loss: 0st10.6lb(6.54%)
Thanks Jen - wise words, I just keep thinking this is my choice. 'This is MY choice'

Oh Chloe I really feel for you! Hang in there I'm sure you'll find something you like soon, try some of the tips like vanilla in coffee, hot choc or banana, hot chocolate made with peppermint tea, the mousse mix etc. The first few days are the worst it will get better I promise :)