Aaaargh Family!!!!!!!!!!


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My brother went back down to Reading yesterday for a Christmas do and to see his sons. Now just for some background. My brother left his wife about 5 years ago and the divorce is still going through. He is happily engaged to Sue and they will get married as soon as the divorce is through.Unfortunately Sue sometimes drinks too much and last night was one of those times.

My mobile rang about 11 ish last night. It was a very drunk Sue who was telling me how bad she felt coz my brother was down in Reading. She also felt a bit jealous as well coz she couldn't go with him.

Then she decided to tell me what was wrong with MY life. Apparently I annoy her because I'm not achieving my full potential WTF. She has decided to help me next year. She says that her plan is to get me to come out of myself more next year. She has also just started a college course and thinks I should do the same. I don't want to!!!
She also feels that she has neglected me since I have moved to Ayr and she is going to change that. Apparently I have to go out more so she will sort that out.

Then she decided to let me into a secret and told me that when she heard me and dad were moving to Ayr to be closer to Steve (brother) she wasn't happy. Then she said that she is glad we did because she loves us to bits.

The thing is I know that she does mean well but it gave me a sleepless night.

Oh yes she also congratulated me on my weight loss and said I was doing brilliantly but then wants to help me with that next year:cry:

Today I'm going round to help her do the food for their party tonight. My brother will be back about 3.30ish and Sue is picking me up at 11.00 I really hope she has forgotten what she said last night because it will be awkward. To be honest I'm dreading going round there.

Sorry for prattling on but I just needed to tell someone and obviously can't tell my dad or brother.:(
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Oh dear. Big hugs to you. Don't you just hate it when drunken do-gooders decide to sort your life out for you. There you are, going through life quite happily and someone then tells you otherwise.

My husband used to do this to me. (long history and looooong story I shall keep to myself for now) He hasn't had a drink for almost 3 years, as that was when he accepted he WAS an alcholic. But I used to go through the conversations you had with Sue last night, every weekend, both Friday and Saturday nights. I completely understand where you're coming from.

If I were you, I'd just go about today doing what you need to do as if nothing happened. If sue does remember it and brings the subject up, I'd be tempted to say well, last night you were all set on sorting my life out, but actually, it's going pretty good thanks. If I need any help, I'll ask you.

I always get the 'you could do so much more' from both my hubby and my mum. I wish they'd just bugger off and leave me alone. I'm happy doing what I'm doing thank you very much.

And they all wonder why we lack in self confidence! Grrrrr

I'm glad you could come here and get it all off your chest.



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People do/say the dumbest things when they're drunk. I guess just go there and say nothing, act like it never happened. Maybe she will have forgotten. If not, and she brings it up again, just say "thanks, but I think I can be trusted to make decisions concerning my own life, but kind of you to think about me" and then just exit stage left, go make a round of cuppas or something, cut the conversation dead, politely of course, but assertively. Don't let her get the best of you.

The truth is, it sounds like she needs to make sure her own life is in order, but it's always easier to focus our attention on other people than it is to make changes in our own lives.


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Thanks everyone. I guess its because I stay at home and look after dad instead of going out and doing a high power job.


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Susie... you don't have to have a high power job... in fact you do have one... the most important one you will ever have... and that is looking after you and your father.

I am sure she is feeling bit of a pratt today... the day will fly by and you may even have a great time... you will be home soon enough.

Normally you do find that when people have had a drink they seem to want to correct everyone elses lives except their own... sad really.

Speak to you later and hope you tried the vodka warm.. x


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Hi hun, you are in control of your own life, you are focused on your health and doing great with your weight loss.You have chosen to be with your dad and that is your decision.

Because you are running the show it doesn't matter if some cheeky monkey wants to take you in hand, you don't need it and won't allow it so just don't fret about it. Hope the party goes well x

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Hi Susie listen to Minders, laugh,smile sweetly and tell her you are old enough to look after yourself thanks all the same.And under your breath tell her to FECK OFF!!!


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Thanks everyone for cheering me up. I do like staying at home with dad, I never got the chance whith my mum so this seems like a blessing. The party went okay not a word was mentioned not even the fact that she called yesterday. I was worrying for nothing. Feeling better now.:33:


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Awww see all that worrying... glad you had a good time... hope your father is feeling a bit better this evening..

Off to have something to eat and will be on later if you want a chat x