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AAAARGH Hold On Im NOT in Ketosis?

how much water have you drank? water dilutes it down thats why the best time to test is the morning. your still in ketosis its just not showing :)
your best time to test is in the morning, if you were in ketosis this morning and you only had your packs and water you are still in ketosis, just they are diluted down now with the water so that they dont register :)


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Ohhhh i feel so crap about the whole thing, this week has been sooo bloody unpredictable.

Im Baffled.
take it one day at a time hun, you are doing great.

debs x


has started again!!
My sticks rarely show more than a trace of pink, first thing. After all the water & packs, plus tea/coffee etc its so dilute theres nothing at all to show.

You are doing fine, exactly as you should be. If you dont cheat, and you follow Cd to the letter, the ketosis fairy is at your house!!!! Honest!!
Ketostix will normally only show up pink on your first wee of the day. The water you drink dilutes the ketones so much that they don't register. Just because you have a negative result does not mean you are not losing weight.
If you have the other signs of ketosis (bad breath and/or cold hands/feet) then don't worry about what the stix say.
Thanks for clearing that up for me i didn't know that it's best to test your wee 1st thing in morning also was giving a couple of the sticks were can i purchase them:confused: hope every one is doing well have a good day xxx:talk017:
I purchased mine from my local pharmacy - and they were cheaper than online!

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