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AAARRRGGGGHHH - health/exercise related


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Back in April I developed a nasty infection in my foot - red and itchy like athletes foot with the addition of blisters between and under my toes and on the ball of my foot. It took two weeks of high strength penicillin and three weeks of antifungal cream with steroids in it to clear up.

The reason for my aaarrrgggghhh is that it has come back! My foot started to feel itchy yesterday morning so I bought some antifungal cream with anti-itch properties which I used twice yesterday. A blister delevoped between two toes yesterday evening and the itching woke me up at 4.30 this morning it was so bad.

I went to the local walk in clinic when it opened this morning and I have got a new prescription for penicillin and I'm to continue to use the cream I bought yesterday. But it hurts, I can't walk properly because my toe is swollen and I can't bend it and its so itchy that the anti-itch properties of the cream don't remove it.

I took up running 5 weeks ago and I know that I won't be able to do that for the next couple of weeks. Hubby and I have also started walking everywhere and I can't do that either. I am going to try the exercise bike this evening but since I couldn't use that last time I am not expecting that to work out.

I am just so frustrated, for the first time ever I am doing something positive for me (exercise) and I am enjoying it and I know it is helping my weight loss becasue the weeks I don't do as much I have smaller losses.

Any suggestions before I start considering chopping my foot off again (it was a very tempting idea at 5am since I didn't go to bed till 1am!).
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I really feel for you hun :( I had horrific eczema as a child & teen on my hands & feet. It would get to the point that I could barely walk it was so painful :( It would itch & be so sore.

I'm afraid I don't really have any useful advice as I've only had eczema, usually a couple of weeks of a strong steroid cream helps to clear that up. The weird thing is though, although it's pretty much cleared up on my feet now, if I do a lot of walking then I get these tiny honeycomb like blisters, they itch like crazy & they hurt a lot! When they burst, I get dry skin & it's off to the GP to get some steroid cream.

I just wondered if this was the same type as blister as you were describing? It's a certain type of eczema & I have it both on my hands & feet.

(Just wanted to quickly add that usually althetes foot treatments & the like can make eczema worse! If you have the same thing as I do, then it might explain why the antifungal cream isn't helping?)
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