AAm Foods and recipies


2nd Time Lucky!
Hello all Im almost finished week 3 of CD and after next week I will be on my first AAM. I was just hoping that some of you can share some tips and recipies as I want to prepare myself for it so I dont end up eating rubbish.
A few questions

Am I allowed a glass of wine on AAM week?
It it just chicken veg fish and eggs thats allowed?

I plan to chat with my counsellor beforehand I just wondered if any of you had yummy recipies to share :D
Hi Princess ,

My understand of AAM is that you follow the diet as normal so no wine plenty of water and your milkshakes/soups then you have a meal each day of a very small portion of white meat/white fish or cottage cheese, then you have a small amount of green stuff.
When I did my last one I had half a skinless chicken breast and 2 mushrooms one day. Another day I had half a cod fillet a 3 aspargus spears.
I did my chicken in a hot un oiled griddle pan with spicy season all and the mushrooms the samway with garlic spice.
The fish i put in a tin foil parcel with chili powder and garlic cloves.
I really enjoyed my AAM time and still lost.

Sorry no wine and as I have said on another thread the egg option is really only for those who do not eat chicken or fish.

Its only for a week so I am sure you will do fine:)

mmmm chilli and garlic on fish sounds good! :) I have a salmon and a plaice fillet in the freezer for this week. I'm 4 days in now.. but am starving today! :( maybe i've gone over on the veggies, but i am still in ketosis (middle).