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1st week on LL diet and I am doing ok but hate most of the foodpacks, I am really going to struggle with £66 per week, but am determined and more focused than I have ever been to lose weight. The water drinking is not a problem!
I am thinking of changing over to the CD as there seems to be more choice in the foodpacks, it costs less and I quite like the AAM idea. Can anyone explain how the AAM works..is it AAM per day? And is it the hard to go back on to your packs? Also is it easy to make a smooth change from LL to CD...it dont want to undo what I have acheived so far....I could not face those first two days again as I felt really ill!

Hi there and welcome to the boards and well done on your first week on LL!

I did CD from april to mid july and lost 3st 3lb...went away on hols and have just got back on the wagon with a bit of extra baggage!First wi of the new regieme tomorrow!

Lots of people have changed from LL to CD with no probs at all!

AAM is a lovely bonus that you do have on CD....you get to do AAM after you have completled 4 whole weeks of ss-ing. You do it for 7 days and then if you havent reached your healthy BMI carry on SS-ing for another 4 weeks and then another AAM week till you are a stone from goal( i think) and then you start on the eating process..starting with the 790 plan. I think this is about right.....havent got to maitenance yet!

On AAM you are allowed a small bit of protien and veggie/salad once a day, as well as you 3/4 packs depending on your height.

Its very rewarding and makes you feel part of the whole eating thing again. It also teaches you portion control and also not to be afraid of eating again.

if you go to CambridgeDieters.com

it gives you all the different stages of the CD plan.

I pay 32.50 a week for my 3 packs a day..I have just switched to a new CDC and she is fab! so ask on here for reccomendations of a cdc in your area if you really want to swap. There are a huge variety of flavours..and really something to suit everybody!

Good luck and let us know how you get on .

Lou X
IF you don't feel you need the additional counselling that LL gives then go with the CD and enjoy the savings and lovely flavours.

My mum start CD today because she didn't feel that the counselling would be for and because of the cost.

I KNOW that she will do really well at losing the weight because she has done it before and lost loads :D
I wouldn't worry about telling your counsellor, she'll be used to it and shouldn't give you any bother :)

Once you have rung round the CDC's in your area and picked one you think will work best for you the give your LLC a buzz to get it over and done with so you can concentrate 100% on the start of your CD journey :D