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AAM or 790


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can someone please clarify the difference?

I also read that SS isn't suitable if you've a bmi of 25+1 stone.
I'm about 2lb from that so i was wondering if it i should finish this week on SS (i'm on day 9) and then move up to the next plan?

all adive appreciated! :)
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straight onto 1000? that seems quite quick! Are you only supposed to do 790 for a week? (or aam-i still dont know the difference)


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Evening Pippa,

SS/aam/790 steps are classed as a VLCD and as such are only intended for those with a bmi over 25 - from memory I think this is because when you have a normal bmi it is possible that on a VLCD you could potentially be metabolising fat from lean tissue (eg muscle and internal organs) for energy as well as from any "overweight" fat stores. Generally once you get to approx bmi25 plus 1 stone you should begin to work up the plans as described in the yellow book so that by the time you reach bmi 25 you will be on at least the 1000cal plan. If you were to SS right up until bmi 25 without working up through aam and 790 you would have to move straight on to the 1000 cal plan once you got to bmi 25 and you may gain weight as a result of this as your glycogen stores would replenish themselves over a short period of time as a result of the sudden re-introduction of carbs. Working up the plans ahead of hitting bmi 25 should help to prevent any weight gain as the plans are designed to allow your glycogen stores to replenish gradually while you are still losing weight so they kind of cancel one another out.

So once bmi 25 is within a stone or so the idea is you do a week of aam and then move up to 790 for a couple of weeks then up to 1000.

I hope I have made sense - My cdc has explained this to me a few times - not sure if I have done her justice above :eek: but hope it is of some use to you.

The best thing to do is have a word with your cdc about when you should start moving up the plans at your next WI.
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AAM is something you do after 4 weeks of SSing. Then either go back to SS or move up to 790 xxx


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i'm still trying to ind out what the difference between AAM and 790 is??
The difference is portion sizes for example aam 100g cottage cheese(reduced fat) on the 790 325g reduced fat cottage cheese. Also on 790 plan you get 1/2 pint of skimmed milk daily on aam you dont.

AAm is used on 5th week of doing ss and 790 is the next plan up from this.

Ruthlet explained all info (good girl for listening lol) but i would suggest looking at your yellow cambridge book and having chat with your cdc


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