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Aaron's LT Journal - -4lbs on Refeed :)


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Welcome one and all! I thought I'd create my own personal diary like many others have on here, to spur on the new comers :)

I should have really done this from the start, but what better time to start than 3 weeks in eh? :p

So I'm almost on my fourth week, and so far I've lost around 2 stone, my jeans are a bit slacker and my jackets fit me better, and today I was actually feeling rather FULL all day, which is definately a good sign. So anyway I'll be updating my weekly weight losses in here so stay tuned :D
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That's a fantastic loss in 4 wks Aaron! Well Done!

Look forward to seeing how you get on from now on too! x
Well done! You are doing so well, cant wait to read your updates!

Wow! well done that's a fantastic weight loss in 4wks. Keep us posted on how it's going, will be popping in here regularly to see your LT journey x


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fab losses so far honey keep it up :)


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Hi guys, just got back from my weekly weigh in... To find that I've lost a massive loss of 1lbs... P*ssed off isn't the word. :(
Don't get down about it hun, your losses are just fab so far, and next week could be a big one again.
I've noticed on here that people who don't have a good week one week excel in the next, so don't get down and stick to it and I'm sure that will be you next week.

Take care and look forward to following your diary.

Jo x x x

mini goals
1. get through first week Done :D
1.5. get through week 2.. Done but did cheat.:sigh:
2. to lose a stone Done 6.5 & 7.5 does add up to 14lb but ticker shows 13lb :D
3. to drop a dress size Done Now back in size 16 jeans :D
4. to get through week 3 without cheating.
5. to lose 2 stone
6. to drop another dress size.
more mini goals to come lol.

wk 1 -7.5lb
wk 2 -6.5lb 1 stone gone :D
wk 3



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Awww honey!!! I know its horrible isn't it. I had the same thing last WI. Just turn the being annoyed into a positive thing about how your gonna kick ass for next week lol. Just look at how much you've dropped in 3 weeks (i'm insanely jealous) and like Jojo said...you'll definately get a good loss next week! Cheer up :p xxx


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Thanks lol, I noticed that we both have 1lbs losses on our third weeks... Strange, makes me think that it couldn't just be coincidence and it could all be part of the cycle lol, or so I hope anyway. It makes me feel better anyway that I'm not the only one with a sucky loss hehe, anyway I won't be stopping it's not an option, this week I changed some of my things around, I got 7 flapjacks this week... I'm braving it ^^ and I got 7 Strawberry and 14 Chocolate shakes too instead of the soup and vanilla as I got bored, hopefully like you said next week will give me a better result :)
but look at it this way - you've lost 19lb in 3 weeks!!

you're doing great - brave of you to get 7 flapjacks, i hope you get on with them ok! i've not tried 1 yet,.


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They take me like an hour to eat, but imo they're easier to prepare and they're a bit more convenient, which is what I'm after really, plus being able to chew something is a bonus. They taste like soiled woodchippings though...


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Guys, I've noticed people (usually people who have their own diaries) changing the thread title, like editing it, how do you do that? I've tried and tried and I just can't figure it!


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Hey guys, just a little update - WOW! A few weeks ago, I tried on a pair of my old motorcycle pants, and they wouldn't fit, they were SO tight... so then not long ago, I tried em on again, and they fit nice and snug, almost perfectly... so I tried them again today, and they are so baggy now, I don't think I have ever had to pull the belt so far back to keep em from sliding down haha, absolutely amazing :) I'm so happy x


maintaining since June'09
I bet you feel great! And so you should, great stuff!!! x
That's fantastic. I have noticed my trousers are a bit looser today YIPPEE!


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It's really great isn't it :) I'm actually looking forward to buying a smaller size :p


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Your doing great Aaron your weight losses are fab so far and I bet next week it will be a biggy. Dont get down about a 1lb loss just look at the overall picture. keep going. xx:)


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I'm going for my weigh in tomorrow, I'm thinking it's gonna be around 4-6lbs, probably not any bigger. :)

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