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Abigail's new start diary

So... I'm rejoining sw with the consultant i got to my target with over 1 year ago on Thursday but getting myself a head start. I have picked up my old book, and I'm not as big as I was when I first started which is a bonus.

I only have (according to my Mam's scales) 1st1lb to loose, so hopefully by the time i get there it will be 1 stone to target. (fingers crossed). im feeling really positive, had a great day, 10 syns spot on target.

I have also started a livestrong diary just out of curiosity and my 10 syn day has come to 1,250 calories. not bad really.

just can't wait to get to group!!
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was a bit dissapointed today that there were no jacket potatoes at the sandwich shop so bought a salad instead although it was really small so was starving when i got home but made a lovely tea from chicken thighs and noodles laods of veg in a big pan with some chicken stock (yay for making stock free food!) and tuckeed into some yummy ben and jerry's frozen yogurt which in my opinion is nicer than the ice cream.

good day today anyway. just disappointedd i havent started group yet because this first week's loss wont register with sw and ill start with a lower starting weight and will look like i havent lost as much but nevermind. not long til i get to group!
well first weigh in, brand new book :D (which looks great by the way) and lots of old faces at group. i had weighed myself at home at 10stone 8lb naked at my mam's house, that was over a week ago and weighed in at 10st 10lb tongiht with jeans. i dont know what to make of that but that is my starting weight as of now. was quite impressed with the cards too.

soo... here goes week one, im going to have a crunchie tonight (yum yum yum)


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I fonly there were naked weigh ins at the classes, that'd make for an interesting evening :p but yeh that's not bad if you were wearing jeans too.
well i think i was a bit downhearted yesterday after weigh in as i was expecting to weigh less but the only way is up now... or down as the case may be! i actually did a naughty thing and got weighed at my mams (naked again) at was down to 10st6lb which is fantastic because it means i had lost weight before i joined even though i was downhearted about about weighing 10 10. i got 3 easter eggs, sort of, an egg, a bunny and a big bag of mini eggs and they total 184 syns! i suppose that will keep me in chocolate for a while. even so im sitting tonight with a box of red berries watching embarassing bodies and waiting for chris moyles quiz night :D
well today i really really wanted to scoff a load of choccy and drink a bit more but i had 2 gin and tonics (slimline of course - 5syns) 2 mini eggs (1.5syns) and a mini flake (4 syns) so today was 9.5 :D pleased with myself. had a lovely roast dinner at my mam's. thinking might go to pictures tomorrow so will have to grab some syn free snacks, maybe a fruit salad will be nice. ben and jerry's cherry garcia frozen yogurt is amazing but im not sure whether they sell that one in the cinema and its relatively low in syns compared to other ice creams. ill just have to see when i get there or take a measured amount of my easter choccy
first weigh in was excellent 3lbs lost and im absolutely thrilled. went out for a drink last night however i only had 3 - they ended up being doubles but thats only 15 syns :D brilliant and i didnt feel like i was missing out at all!
managed to retrieve my wii fit from my mams and have been playing on the wii fit a litle every day :D i think my fitness has improved as well since i moved into the town and walk to and from work everyday. its a mile each way so every little helps i suppose!!
The cherry Ben and Jerry's sounds lush. What's the syn value of that??
for 100g its 7.5 but to be honest i only get through 50g and that is enough.

got weighed last night and also got asked to join the social team wooooo! so weighed in my first lady last night and helped tidy up etc. its a little confusing as there is another abigail who weighs in who doesnt get called abi like me so all i can hear all night is people shouting my name and usually not meaning me. haha

i had a great loss of 3lbs last night i was absolutely ellated. so thats 6lbs in 2 weeks and im already feeling great! im going to continue the way i am by writing everything down as it realyl helps me keep track of everything.

next week i WILL get my half stone award!!!
i havent so much been 'struggling' this week but i dont feel any different at all i feel huge! ive had between 9-13 syns every day this week and still keeping my food diary but starting to feel that i might not be varying enough but this weeks weigh in will tell. im half way through the week and going to avoid weighing at all cost. 1 lb to my half stone award!!

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