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Abnormal Pains

Day 4 now had a rough night last night, i woke up about 2am and thought i was having a heart attack although it could have been a panic attack i dont know :cry:. Only lasted a couple of minutes and was left physically shaking after it. The doc said before he thinks i might have a touch of IBS
I might head to the doc to be on the safe side.
Has anyone here had an chest discomfort or sharp pains the left side of the chest. I'm feeling fine now though so was wondering is this possibe on carb withdrawal
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Fighting for My Health
Could've just been a bit of trapped wind, but always best to get yourself checked out by a doc if you're not sure or concerned. Hope all goes okay xx


Recovering Cookie Addict
Only time I had anything similar was when I had gall bladder problems. If you've no pre existing health problems it may be coincidence, but keep an eye on it and see doc if it continues.


Never Ever Give Up!
Best to have yourself looked over by your GP, hope you're well soon Chuck!
just back from the GP, ticker fine thank god :) , he thinks i may be suffering from stress :cry: so have been given some tabs for that :whistle:


addicted to minimins!!
chill out :) .. glad its nothing to serious.. it wont be long until you get into the swing of things with the diet and generally speaking you wont have to stress about it, (well thats easier said than done!) just try and go with the flow,, and your body will be happier and healthier in no time... as for everything else...theres nothing a good cup of tea and a chat cant help! :) lol x


Never Ever Give Up!
Good to hear it's nothing serious Chuck. x
Hi chuck!
Glad all is ok with you :)
I had the pains to the left of my chest the nite before last. Its frightening isnt it!! I was convinced I was having a heart attack too and my only concern was that my husband was on nite shift and I was home alone :( Drama!
Maybe just one of the other quirkey things that come with this diet. My face tingled alot the first time round on this.
Keep it up and mind yourself X
Awww chuck i am so glad it was nothing serious at that you feeling ok now. The diet will get easier. keep at it hun xxxxx
I tend to get this for the first week or so on tfr. Its scary i know but if it happens againg just try and breathe through it. If it passes after a wee while with no other side effects then its not so bad. Hope it clears up for you soon.
Hey Chuck....hope you are feeling much better...stick with us! X
slept like a log last night :) so am happy. must have been just one of those things.


addicted to minimins!!
yaay good job..:) x

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