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I had a bad week last week and completely gave up on the diet. Had a half hearted attemp to get back into it over the weekend but now I think I'm finally getting there.

I was just thinking this morning though that if I'd been doing weight watchers or something like that I'd have come off the diet and just never gone back the way I was feeling.

Apart from knowing Cd realy works and I can lose the weight quickly, I'm pretty sure the only reason I have gotten back on track is because of the 1 to 1 session with my cdc :) If I didn't have that or was just one of many then I'd think that no one would notice if i just didn't go back again.

So I just thought I'd write this out and say not only yay for the diet that works quickly and easily, but yay for the personal support too. Also I might not have got this far with it if I hadn't found minimins too, it's definately made it easier to cope with.

I'm feeling happy today can you tell lol :D
Yes I too have had a bad couple of weeks I really didnt know where I was going with my plan,so I stopped LL after 60 days as my support wasnt great but mainly it was too expensive.I did Cd last year successfully lost lots of weight but sadly regained...........story of my life!
Anyway I had 2 days off my plan.I did eat heathly but gained 3lbs But I am back on board today doing CD 790!



Good Luck Hun

Well done you, it's not always easy to get back on track, you've got a great frame of mind that should see you through to the end.


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Hi Kati

Glad you're back on track today! Not easy to do is it? Glad you seem so positive and not guilty and negative about going off track for a while.

Pleased you shared your good CDC experience and have had the support you needed. Your post will in turn give support to others.

You have done so well with the weight you've lost so far and getting over the last couple of weeks too just think of the further benefits to come.

Dizzy x
Lovely post Kati, its great to see the positive side of someone having a blip and getting back to it. 790 is a great plan, I really like it so far.

Your happy vibes are catching too!
hello again everyone!

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trying to find some people i got close to...

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