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about to crack

oh god i cant stop thinking about food since i woke this morning, so far i've not succumb, it will be totm on thurs and would normally eat my weight in chocolate and rubbish for the next 2 days so im putting it down to that and hope to get thru tonight. i feel ive done really well, first weigh in is thurs morning and i CANT crumble now!!! I have just split my choc shake in half and am having a mocha and will have the rest hopefully nearer 7 and still have half a bar. Hubby is niteshift so i will be going to bed with kids to ease temptation. Thanks for reading my rambling its just passed 10mins while kids are locked in kitchen eating tea with oldest ordered to scrape plates in bucket before opening the door,better to be safe than sorry:17729::ignore::sign0007: lol.
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Have a drink of water, and then go do something non-food-related with the kids. A walk? A board game?


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TOTM drives me mad. You are doing so well - DO NOT waste all your hard work this week by giving in now. Think of how proud you'll feel on Thursday.:)

Yambabe's suggestions are so sensible! Me, I was going to suggest a few rounds of a good addictive video game. Bejewelled Twist has kept me sane the last week. ;)
Have a black coffee
do you have to wait until
7pm if you are so hungry now?

Best to have 4 packs than break & eat crap

you know your hunger pangs will go in 20mins if you wait

oh and a good tip for your 1st week
steer off all telly
too many food adverts
watch a DVD
this may sound crazy but im actually not hungry i just really want to eat i am about to start the bath routine and tbh after my mocha and 1l of water and my post earlier im already feeling better its mind over matter with me thanks for the advice though x
Ahhh... appetite not hunger. Well you're doing the right things and removing yourself from it's path. It doesn't stop shouting at you, but at least it won't be within arms reach.

Just imagine how sad and annoyed you'll feel with yourself if you crack. It's seriously not worth it. :)
its true

My motto:-

If not now

if I am not strong now & get my head in the right place & lose the weight
It'll never come off


Still Motivated
Bless you purplekel,
Glad you got through OK.
TOTM can wreak havoc but the goodside is that afterwards you will prob see a bigger dip on the scales :D

Love Myr xxx

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