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About to embark on my LL journey

I'm an overweight (well medically obsessed) 19 year old student. For as long as I can remember I've been overweight. When I was about 7/8 years old, a little girl totally innocent and not a care in the world I went on a "playdate" to a friends house, the topic of fatness and weight must have come up- it was a while ago so the memory is a bit blurred, but I remeber going into her bathroom and we were messing around with her mums makeup, then decided to weigh ourselves, I was a good 2/3 stone heavier than she was. This was the first time I realised I was fat.

I was fat, but I was still popular, I had friends and I was happy so it didn't really bother me. I'm still fat, I still have friends but I'm not as happy as I could be. As I grew up I was still fat and overweight, but it didn't seem to bother me as much as it does my parents. Yes I am fat, yes I don't like it, but no it hasn't stopped me doing everything I want to do in my life....except for buy that little black size 8 dress.

I recently went to a Regatta, where I bumped into old friends who I went to school with 2 years ago and haven't really kept in touch with. All the girls wear pretty dresses and the boys are all suited and booted- and all my friends were dressed head to toe in pretty dresses and looked stunning. So as it was a special anual occasion many a photo was taken and then subsequently uploaded onto facebook, and standing next to all thoses beautiful women I looked absolutely huge and disgusting and ugly. I know the ugliness won't go away with weight loss but the hugeness factor will.....so that's why I'm starting lighter life. 100 days (or more depending how much weight I want to lose) of just eating powdery calories, no solid food, no tea, no coffee, no coke, no vodka, no chocolate :( bad bad times. Though once I've done this hopefully I'll be able to eat these things and not feel guilty and be able to fit into that dress I've always wanted. Be able to wear designer clothes cos they'll sell them in my size!!! I'll be able to feel good when a guy looks at me, not just think oh god he's looking at how big I am. I'll be able to feel good about myself, be confident when I'm around a group a of girls who are a size 12 or below. It sounds very very sad, but I don't even feel good when around my friends, though I love them all to bits!!!

Anyway, enough blabber, and sorry for mistakes and errors, this is my first blog. My first meeting is on thursday, so I've been told by other lighter lifers to eat as much solid food as I can the day before, so I'm going to eat my weight in chocolate probably. Thursday evening will be my next update.

To the chocolate shop.....
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hiya and welcome. I started om May and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I personally though wouldnt recomend eating lots of 'bad' things for the sake of it..... why would you? surely thats making it harder for yourself? you wanna make it as easy on yourself as poss? then cut down on carbs, up your water intake and look forward to your journey ahead. Oh and you can have tea and coffee, you can have solid food (you can have bars after day 3) and also the skaes, soups and porridges are no way powdery! they're very tasty, you dont feel hungry and its a great feeling of empowerment knowing you're tackling your problem! Good luck hun and dont be negative, think positive xxx


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Good luck on your Journey - its amazing and sooooo worth it Its not really hard at all - in fact this is the easy bit:D I find the soups & shakes tasty and love my bar every night with a cuppa!!
As rainbow said dont overdo the carbs as your withdrawl will be worse & its only more to lose. Keep posting this site is great for support;)


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Hi mandymac and welcome to LL.

I agree with the others - don't each as much solid food as you can the day before, it is pointless.

I would also remind yourself why you are starting this. You wrote a very heart felt post and it is obvious that you want this badly and have experienced some thoughts and feelings that I am sure many of us can relate to. You are not a diet prisoner, you can have all of those things you mention, you are just choosing not to at this time!

Enjoy LL. The foodpacks are not powery, in fatc some of them are quite nice. Remember, nothing tastes as good as slim feels ( so I have been told! )

Kat xx

Mel P

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As has already been said, go easy on the carbs & chocolate over the next couple of days as your the only one that will pay the price for overindulging :)

For me the first week was the worst for headaches, tiredness & hunger. Then came the food dreams and some big cravings for things I'd never normally eat. But from week 4 and after getting into the routine, the time has simply flown by and seeing the results is all the motivation I have needed to stick to it.

Good luck on your journey - you will have ups & downs but the results are well worth it :D

Jo B

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Hello and welcome to the gang! So much of what you have said rings true. I have also never been slim, in fact I haven't been as thin as I currently am for probably 10 years. I know what it feels like to feel like the heffer standing next to slimmer friends - always being the "bubbly" one (notice how no-one ever calls slim people bubbly?). It's an interesting journey this LL one, you may discover a lot about yourself and hopefully it will teach you how to eat for the rest of your life so that you stay at your goal weight. I haven't finished by any means but am getting there and start week 10 on Friday. Everyone says it will go quickly and I didn't believe it to start with but it really does!
Good luck


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hi there
good luck - i love the food packs, the bars are gorgeous and the porridge too and the banana and vanilla shakes are lovely!!!

i'm on RTM and going down to 2 packs a day next week - i'm gutted!! i don't know how to choose which 2 to get rid of , i love em!
daisy x


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100 days (or more depending how much weight I want to lose) of just eating powdery calories, no solid food, no tea, no coffee, no coke, no vodka, no chocolate :( bad bad times. Though once I've done this hopefully I'll be able to eat these things and not feel guilty and be able to fit into that dress I've always wanted.
I wish you all the luck in the world however I would say that doing LL isn't a license to start eating all of those things again or you'll just end up where you started,but out of pocket too.

I also agree with the others, if you are in right headspace to start on LL why sabotage yourself before you've even started by eating all the crap you can beforehand? All it will mean is that you have even more to lose, plus you could suffer pretty badly with headaches and other symptoms of carb withdrawal. If youc an start cutting the carbs out gradually now and upping your water, you might lose weight before you even start and you're less likely to feel the effects of carb withdrawal.

I'm another one who really likes the packs and bars. They aren't really powdery if you take the time to prepare them properly. I think they're yummy!

Well done for taking the first steps and signing up. I hope that you have every success and achieve all of the things you want to. I wish I'd been able to do it at the age of 19!
welcome and good luck for your weightoss journey! :)

As others have said, eating as much as you can in the few days before you start is a bad, BAD idea. You will suffer much more in the first few days through both the actual withdrawl and losing the "high" of eating so much that you had for the few days prior. Not to mention the fact that if you stuff yourself for the few days before you first get weighed, your starting weight isn't going to be accurate, you could well show up 1/2 stone heavier if you gorge on bread and chocolate beforehand!

Best thing to do it start cutting down on anything with crabohydrate in it now (and that means right now, this second!) Within a few days you are going to be on the packs so you won't do any harm to yourself by cutting out as much food as possible between now and your first meeting (it's only 1 day at this point, right?)

Take it easy tomorrow, only eat what you really need and try to avoid things like bread and pasta as they'll make the withdrawl harder to deal with if you have them this close to your first day.

If you stick with it 100%, LL will change your life. Everyone on here is proof of that. I can't imagine how I dealth with being so fat for so long now I've shed most of it!

All the best :)



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Good Luck Hun

This really does work! And the packs are lovely, really tasty and delish!! The first few days are never easy, but it really helped me to cut out all carbs and start on the water 2 weeks before I started LL. You can also really be quite inventive with our packs if you check out the recipe section - lol I enjoy them so much as they are though that I do not tend to mess with them. Let us know how you are going



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Good luck Mandy, once you start seeing the weight dropping off you'll forget all about chocolate x

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