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About to start re-feeding.... any tips?

Hi everyone,

Just coming to the end of my 6th week on Lipotrim. Been 100% so far :) Lost 24lbs so far, one final weigh in on Friday and think I'll have lost another 3-4lbs so it's around a 2st weight loss in total! I'm comfortably back in my size 14s and feeling a lot better in myself. I've decided to start re-feeding after Friday's weigh in as I feel like I'm getting to the end of my tether with LT. I can feel myself getting closer to breaking point and I don't want to fall into the trap of crashing off it and piling more weight back on. So I've decided to do this properly and re-feed starting this weekend. I'm not where I want to be with my weight or my size (would love to be a 12 eventually) but I'm feeling a lot better in myself and I'm gonna have a bit of a break. I've also got a very busy few months coming up with work and don't want to run the risk of feeling run down with LT and end up reaching for the pizza! Haha!

I was wondering how everyone has found the re-feeding part of the diet? I went shopping last night and bought plenty of plain quorn fillets (I'm a veggie) and lots of salad. Any previous re-feeders got any tips?!

How is everyone doing?

Lots of love,

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Actually I found the refeed to be quite easy, I mean for the first time in a while you're getting real food! And as the week goes on, you get more real food! yay! It's great having all those flavours in your mouth too. Just stick to the sheet, that's the best advice I can give you really. Good luck! :D


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I was exactly the same as you. Did two months and then though I have had enough! I do wish now that I had carried on a bit but hey ho!
If your vegetarian you can substitute with tofu or quorn.
Everything will taste so wonderful and you will get so full so easily so enjoy that feeling! Try and keep up with the your water intake as this is a great habit to have!
Good luck!x
Thanks girls! It's definately a good idea to keep up the water drinking, I used to drink a lot of water before LT anyway so I will find drinking a lot quite normal still! Can't wait for some food! Hopefully I will be ok and maintain for a couple of months before LT Round 2!! Good luck to you both xxx


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The best advice is to follow the refeed sheet absolutely to the letter - obviously you'll have to make your veggie substitutions but other than that - to the letter. It's scientifically worked out to introduce the right food into your diet at the right times and in the right quantities to ensure that your glycogen levels do not go up too quickly making you retain water and giving a gain on the scales - even though that wouldn't be fat, it's still disheartening when you've worked so hard.

Don't feel obliged to eat everything if you are genuinely full but you won't do yourself any favours in the long run if you eat less than they recommend for any other reason.

Keep up the water intake initially but as you eat more, and therefore get more water from the food you can reduce it a little, though it's an idea to keep it up to about 8 glasses a day.

Personally I'd recommend refeeding for 2 weeks, I found that helped me and I didn't have any alcohol until after those 2 weeks.

After that keep a close eye on your portion sizes. The refeed portions really are all we need. If they start creeping up so will your weight.

Finally be aware that we're all different. Some people carry on losing on refeed. Some people stay the same, and some people do put weight on but this will usually balance itself out as the body becomes accustomed to dealing with real food again so if it happens to you don't panic! (I sts the first week and lost the second)

Good luck with it, and your last wi and well done for what you've achieved up to now :) xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on your losses to date. It's also great that once you have recognised that you can't continue with LT that you are planning a proper refeed.
As everyone has said, keep to the refeed sheet. Keep up the water habit. I still have about two litres every day.
Like you, I finished TFR before I got to goal. I did these because I felt it best to join the real world of food and lay down good habits that might continue with me for life. I switched to a GL plan and lost another 29 lbs with little effort. During that time I had loads of outings and mostly managed either a STS or small loss. I never ever felt deprived either.

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