Ive been doing exercising for 3 days, pump it up mainly, and then some that was set for me thru
Woke up this morning, my stomach, legs, back etc are aching.

Should I leave today, and carry on tomorrow, or exercise thru it?

My BF says leave it, but Its not like a pulled muscle, its just that ive not used them all for a while :eek:
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The Punisher

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Sounds like DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
Have a rest day or 2 and maybe think about getting some glutamine (sp) tabs from Holland and Barrett. Worked a treat for me


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When you load the muscles then you get microscopic tears. Rest allows them to repair. You should have at least 2 rest days a week.
The other cause of aching is a build up of lactic acid. Gentle exercise will help to clear this.
It depends! If you are really sore then rest, just pleasantly so then do a light workout.Just remember you don't have to work out every day.
I look on stiffness as a sign I've had a good workout.