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Acne :(


Ive always suffered with my face,,,,,,but NEVER EVER EVER this bad!!!!!!!! I feel like im 13 again!!!!!

I dont know if its the tablets im on to top my 'bleeding' or what but my face is red, inflammed and VERY sore!!!!

Clerasil doesnt work....ive been using that and it looks like my face is getting worse from it!!!!

I use clinque and it works SOOO well but cant afford to buy any till Friday when i get paid!!!

I go away Sunday and the water aborad doesnt agree with my skin but would love for the first few days for my skin to not be as bad as this!

Has anyone got any ideas at all that i can use!!???

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Ahh, bless you. I don't know i'm afraid?? I used to suffer really badly when I was younger and like you found that nothing much was any use. All those branded products like clearasil are just a waste of money aren't they? I can only advise drinking lots of water and being gentle with your skin. I get (other) skin issues when I'm stressed - could that be it? Not really anything much to help that either, but trying to drink loads to flush it out?

Hope you have a great time while you're away though - is it somewhere hot? The sun could help loads x
I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to have become a teen again. I'm going to see the dr tomorrow and see if they'll check my hormone levels as since starting SW I've been all out of sync more so than usual anyways and it's really causing probs with the OH. He thinks I'm trying to pick an argument every time I speak to him grrrrrrr
Thanks for replying girls! I'm goin to tenerife but sadly the stupid water abroad doesn't agree with my face!!! Talk about a loose loose siutation! Its really getting me down :( but I will probably just have to stick it out till I get bk from my hol xx
My daughter had some acne on her face (I know this comes with the territory of being a teen), I was reluctant to bring her to the doctor because I've seen people with bad acne and didn't think her's was any way close to it, but it was on her face and was getting her down... anyway, went to the doctor and he was so nice, straight away he mentioned different options and she chose to go with a cream called duac. She's used this for over a week now and the redness that was constantly on her face for the past year has gone now. So glad I brought her.... So maybe if its something that you get quite a bit you could get that cream (its on prescription though), but I don't think you have to use it daily, you can use it when the problem arises.
Enjoy your time in the sun... xxx
Using benzoyl peroxide cream has changed my life!!!

It's over-the-counter and known as Quinoderm or Acnecide (love that name lol)

That and the £1.99 facewash from Aldi = zero acne = a much more pleasant life!
I don't quite suffer from acne but I do get spots in a little cluster on my chin and it really knocks my confidence so I know how you feel :( May try that Benzoyl Peroxide stuff Mamacandoit :)

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