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Adapting LL to suit yourself?

Hi All,
Probably shouldn't be asking this as it is clear LL is a v.good programme and very successful if you follow it to the letter plus I know a lot of people battle hard to stay abstinent and hats off to you all, you're all fab........but.........I was wondering if anyone had intentionally suited themselves when it came to abstinence on LL. Not the random lapses that are understandable but difficult to deal with but more conscious decisions to eat.
I know its not in the spirit of the programme and I know CD allows meals on some of its plans so maybe I should be doing that but I really wanted to do the counselling part of LL and I've enjoyed it a lot and learned so much. I did intend to be 100% abstinent til goal when I started but it hasn't worked out that way.
I've got to my 100 days and I'm just over half way to my goal. But I chose to eat low carb on a weeks holiday in May (after a lot of deliberation) and I chose to eat last week whilst staying with relatives and in 6 weeks time I'm going to choose to eat on my weeks holiday in Las Vegas. I've managed to stay in ketosis throughout this time (no packs at the same time though) and maybe I'm lucky in that I'm not very sensitive when it comes to ketosis, I know some people knock themselves out of it with very minor things. Each time I've eaten its been with restraint that I don't normally show around food and I've felt phsically and mentally really well afterwards, ready to committ 100% for the next few weeks. I've not really felt that guilty either.
I suppose I'm asking if anyone has been successful doing LL in a similar way? The most successful and long term maintainers (which I hope to be in the not so distant future) seem to be 100% abstinent from start to finish.
Just wondering but don't want to cause any offence by my post.
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Hopeful for the future
Interesting, Julie.
I can't answer your question but I'm waiting to see what the answers are.
Have you seen a difference in your weight loss? When you 'lapsed', I mean....:confused:
I suppose at the end of the day it's your journey and your choice.

Well done on still getting the weight off during the holidays, and I know many people who either go away on holiday or stay elsewhere for any length of time do plan to eat low carb style and then get back with the program so don't think you have done anything different.

I think a planned and restrained meal is very differnt from a binge for your mindset as well as your wasteline!

If want to stay with LL due to counselling, perhaps somebody on CD thread could give you advice what meals are allowed with the packs when you combine if want to do on weekly basis.

Good Luck

Thanks for your replies Trish and Sam,
I'm on plan at the moment!! (BTW lost 5lbs on hol week and put 1lb from last weeks food so didn't do too badly)
Like you say its my journey and as long as I accept it may take me a little longer to get to my destination... I started LL because my relationship with food/drink was so out of control and had been for my whole life. Now I feel in control and don't listen to my chatterbox as much plus feel much more positive about the choices I make. Still its early days and I'm still very much a work in progress! Again thanks for your comments and hope your journeys are going well at the moment. xx
My opinion (although I do CD), is that a planned and controlled approach is better than a binge anyday of the week. My understanding is that on LL if you do lapse you aren't meant to mention it to the rest of the group? Not sure if this is true, but I can understand because when I've found out that one of my 'buddys' has eaten I do get envious and it starts my CB chattering. So makes it harder.

I'm really glad the plan is working for you and that you are choosing as an adult what you want from the diet - and succeeding.
Hi Morphing,
Yeah you're right about the talking about eating in class, it is very much frowned upon (in my class anyway) and I can understand why. For those who are really struggling to stay on track it is very unsettling to hear about other peoples eating especially if the weight losses are continuing. I suppose the same should apply here shouldn't it! Sorry:eek:
There were members in my class that told all (while LLC wasn't there) from the very start but I've been deliberately vague, just saying I'd had a bad week. Anyway thanks for your comments and good luck with your CD journey.x
Glad you feel in control, and I think ultimatly for me that is what I am striving for ....... or being realistic I am in control more time around food than not.

People in my group have talked about food whether planned or binge, however hjave to agree it sets my CB off and sometimes I have said I don't want to hear it.

My journey is going well, and I am looking forward to a good loss this Saturday. I have said I would like no more than x3 more weigh in before start Mangagement as would like 4 weeks under my belt before go away for my holiday abroad.

Hope my losses will be back to normal, as for last few weeks for one reason or another been low in comparison

Take Care