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Add a meal question

Hey guys. In a couple of weeks, the OH and I are planning to do our AAM as I am on nights in work, plus it is week 5 then.

When we did CD, we used to do an AAM too but reading the Exante version, it seems different. The CD AAM was to have a small portion of chicken and a small portion of green veg. But on exante you have fruits and carbs...is that right? I dont want to have anything like that in case it knocks me out of ketosis! :confused::confused::confused:
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Fruits yes, carbs no.............it did not seem to take me out of ketosis but I don't use sticks so not sure.
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Dya think if I just stick to my old CD AAM routine of a small amount of grilled chicken and green pepper it will be ok? I used to look forward to that so much it was untrue! lol.


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It won't be anywhere near 400 cals though will it? Think you need to get closer to their recommendations to be honest.
Yeah, you're probably right. But I think I will stick to it, just for the first day or two to see how it goes. Ive kind of been doing a mishmash of VLCDs anyway. Im purely Exante now but I was using some old LT packs too to make my exante ones stretch. Im also using some CD water flavouring as well. Its been working for me and after all, have done this 3 times now so I know what works and what doesnt I guess. I'd be too scared to have fruit initially as I think that would knock me out of ketosis and I always feel really yuck whenever Im trying to get back into it. With the job Im doing also, I dont want to chance feeling icky on it, the first 2 weeks were bad enough!
I found that it was actually quite hard to get up to 400 cals without either some fruit or having portions of chicken/fish and veg that seemed immense even to my greedy eyes!

If you're worried go for low-carb fruits as suggested, berries and kiwi fruits are probably best.

This last time I had grapes and even though I was only having a handful a day I did feel like they slowed down my weightloss - mind you I was eating them with cheese lol! :eek:

At the end of the day it's whatever works for you but do bear in mind that you need to ramp up to those 1000 cals per day for health reasons and skimping on what you eat might mean you still lose weight but could compromise your health in the long term. :)

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