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I am supposed to be starting 'add a meal' next week. The trouble is I am on a deadline of Nov 24th for my holiday and am pushing it now to loose as much weight as I want. I dont know wether to carry on SSing as some say they do until the holiday to at least be near my target weight and presentable in a swimming costume or to do the add a meal week. Those of you that have done the add a meal week, did you have a small weight loss that week or did it make no difference? Another option maybe to have 2 shakes and the small meal to keep calories down. I also dont understand if you continue to be in ketosis in the add a meal week as we are always told that even small amounts of food knock you out of it. :confused: :confused:
Hi Bambi, you can still lose weight following AAM and if you follow the directions for food portions you will still be in ketosis. For many people it acts as a 'kick-start' - they may only lose 2 lbs in AAMW but the next week they lose 5/6 lbs :cool:

Follow the programme, do your AAMW and the weight will come off, and you'll look fab for your holiday :D
The food you'll have in your AAM week will keep you in ketosis as it has no carb content (just protein and a small portion of veg or green salad).

A lot of people who do the AAM still find they lose weight in that week. It doesn't hurt your body to have a bit of 'real' food to boost the metabolism either. No-one can force you to have it of course - but it is recommended as an alternative to checking with your GP that you can continue sole sourcing after the initial 4 week period.

Whatever you do, you MUST have the 3 shakes still as otherwise you won't be receiving your full RDA of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and that could affect your well-being.

I hope you have a great holiday - and feel fab in a swimsuit when you get there :)
i should stress i did aam week a the beginning of my stabilisation i chose nto to do it while ss`ing, cos i was scared of nt losing weight, but i neednt of worried,
I always recommend AAM and have extremely successful and happy clients.

It is a very important part of the programme and a government recommendation.

You can forego this if you wish but your GP must give a letter to your CDC confirming he will closely monitor you throughout the process.

Without this no CDC can advise missing the AAM.

I have only had one person ever go straight through without the AAM and he admitted he would never advise it for anyone else as he found returning to food after 4 months very difficult.

It is also very important that you still have all three or four packs.

I'm just coming to the end of my aam week and so far have lost 3lbs which is the same as what I lost last week without it. I don't get officially weighed till tomorrow but my cdc's scales are usually the same as mine.

I'd say go for it, it's great to be able to eat something and I think it will help keep me on track and less likely to cheat
I'm in week 9 and haven't had an AAM. I'm doing SS+ but the 4 shakes and skimmed milk option. Should I be having AAM as my CDC hasn't mentioned it?
I'm in week 9 and haven't had an AAM. I'm doing SS+ but the 4 shakes and skimmed milk option. Should I be having AAM as my CDC hasn't mentioned it?

The AAM mentioned above in this thread has now been replaced with CD 810.

You don't need to do it every 5 weeks anymore, but you must do 810 every 13th week.

Hope that helps :)
Miss M. I wish I could help but i'm still officially on SS. Looking in my booklet I think you can have a white meat or fish with green vegetables. I'm not sure how much though?
So sorry Miss M! I missed your question.

The answer should be in your yellow book. Did you CDC give you one? If not, ask for one when you next see her.

Until then, you could try SS+

4 Cambridge diet (regardless of gender/height), plus 200ml of skimmed milk


3 Cambridge diet plus 'Green and white' 200 cal meal

Together with 2.25 L (4 pints) of fluids

Nothing else

SS+ meals


120g chicken or turket breast without skin
190g cod, haddock or other white fish
250g steamed tofu V
200g quorn V
180g tuna (inwater)
225g cottage cheese (reduced fat)

About 2 tablespoons of the following veg:

Green salad leaves eg. rocket, lamb's lettuce, watercress, raddiccio, little gem/romaine lettuce
Celery, cucumber or red radishes
Courgettes or marrow
Brocolli, cauliflowetr or any cabbage, even pickled!
Spinach, kale, turnip or taro tops
Asparagus, fennel or celeriac
Chinese leafy greens such as Pak Choi or Chinese cabbage.

Cook in the m/wave, steam or poach in water. Serve salads raw or with fat free salad dressings.

Don't add any fat or salt, but do add herbs or a little stock if you wish