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add a meal


is slowly shrinking
well to those who know me, 5 weeks is enough, i have made a decision to add a meal this weeek, this is crazing me, as i have been wondering wot to do, and i don;t wanna quit, so i have ordered some dietimeals to introduce this week, as if i eat maybe this will help with me thinking i am depriving myself.
So heres to a new week, and hopefully get back on track once and for all.
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Well done, you should be proud of yourself :) x


reaching my goal
Hi calli good luck i know its hard the last couple of days food has been on the brain but sataday i fianly had something to eat and i didnt enjoy it like i thought i would , i made this big thing up in my head about food then i finaly have something and i was like what was all the fuss about !! I did suffer all day with stomach cramps too .
You should be adding a meal at 5 weeks anyway according to the instructions and the NICE guidelines. ;)

I really enjoyed my first AAM week, I enjoyed the challenge of finding and preparing food that was tasty and interesting but still fell within the calorie limits and had ingredients off the allowed list in the book.

I did a diary thread for the first one which has a fair few recipe ideas on it if you want me to go and find it so you can have a look.

After a week on food you'll probably feel better about going back on Total as well!


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Good luck with your add a meal - I enjoyed it but was very glad to get back on TS - cooking takes up too much time I find!
Bren xx


reaching my goal
mark you are very cheeky arent you and its our job to put you men in your place ..hehe;)
OW, thats Arlene slapping me. Ladies, I do the most of the cooking in my house and have done since I met Arlene, not because she cannot cook, she does it very well, but she has been a nurse all her working life and works weird and wonderfull hours. I was also a batchelor until I was 32 and lived on my own since I was 18 so I had to learn to cook and became very good at it.

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