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Add another pack?


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Hi everyone,

Due to a delay on my flight yesterday i only managed to have 2 shakes. Today i have had 2 but do you think it would be okay to have a shake and bar later to make up for the one i missed yesterday?

So it will still fit into my weekly plan but obviously is classed as an extra 'meal' today........hope this makes sense....little bit jet lagged.x
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Not sure hun, but I don't think it'll hurt if you do.

Sorry, that's not much help, I didn't want to read and run!

Dee x
I wouldn't bother with having the extra to be honest (the question's been asked before on here, try searching for the question). Just carry on as you were before but (I know it's hard sometimes) you really need to make sure you have your 3 packs every day.
I'm sure a CDC will be along soon to point you in the right direction.


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Thanks, still debating as to wether i should have the missed one tonight instead...i couldn't help missing a shake yesterday as was delayed on the plane in New York and only had my 2 shakes in my carry on bag, never thought in a million years it would take me almost 18hours to get home from JFK!!xx


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Also was just a bit worried as it is really hard work onboard and know that yesterday i would of burned all my calories from shakes plus lots more so didn't wanna go into the starvation mode i keep hearing about, i could take or leave the 4th 'meal' but concerned about the nutrients etc.x
You will have all your nutrents for today and it's bit to late for yesterday hun. Just have your 3 for today and look on the bright side, you now have a spare pack!:D
If you are feeling tired and you missed a pack yesterday I would have an extra one today as otherwise you could feel really hungry tomorrow.

Perhaps one as a bedtime drink.


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True, true Kelly...thankyou, i know it makes sense lol just needed a second opinion...looking fab by the way just seen your pics.x


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Ooops just as i think i know what i'm doing i get another viewpoint, thanks again Linda think i'll have my bar tonight then see how i'm feeling later as i am shattered from the flight so may need it before bed!x
If you are feeling tired and you missed a pack yesterday I would have an extra one today as otherwise you could feel really hungry tomorrow.
I'm confused now!:confused:
In the past the advice on here has always been move on and don't worry about it.:confused::confused::confused:
Please explain CD Counsellor as I'm going to be sponsered soon (as soon as I hit my BMI 28) to become a CDC and I want to make sure I'm clued up on everything.
Thanks hun. xxx
Wow good luck on becoming a cdc Kelly...think it's because of the energy i used whilst working, a bit like how some cdc's reccommend an extra pack if you have done a lot of exercise, but i'm sure Linda will be back with the facts.x
Hi don't think I have ever given that advice.

If you miss a pack you are 1/3 down on your nutrition for the day and can feel low and hungry the next day.

As Airgirl has also had a very busy day she could benefit from the extra pack otherwise it could become a viscious cycle and tomorrow she will crave.

One extra pack will not affect her weightloss, after all on SS+ you would have 4 packs and 200 mls of skimmed milk.

She is feeling tired so it is better to err on the side of caution and ensure optimum nutrition.

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