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hi guys
because im really struggling to have 4pts of water a day,tried black tea/coffee and peppermint tea also fizzy water non which i could stomache,im just wondering if i could add extra water to my shakes?thanks for all your help so far.hope everyone is having a good day.
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You can add extra water but you will still have to drink water throughout the day too.

I usually use around 450ml-500ml water as opposed to the 240ml (I think). So, I am having around 780ml more per day!

The only thing is, you need to drink your shakes within 15 mins and you are suppose to sip water throughout the day, so not sure how that will affect your losses.

Try it and see.


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i tend to have my shakes with 350ml of water as i dont like them watery, but i still drink 4 litre of water a day. it is a struggle sometimes but i tend to drink it out of pint glasses now wich helps more, i was just drinking out the bottle befor and it seemed to last forever.


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Remember you don't have to drink 4lts as long as you do a min of 2ltrs it's ok. It's just more could help with weight loss, keeping hunger at bay and constipation. hth


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S: 20st1.8lb C: 20st1.8lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 46.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks guys will just have to perceiver,will defo add a little more to the shakes.


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HI, i split my shakes and make them with 400ml... so thats 800ml per shake. And yep - it does count toward your water intake.

I like it a bit thinner, cos I put coffee in it and it tastes and feels like 'normal' coffee with milk.



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I usually make my shake with a pint of water as i find it hard to drink 4 pints of plain water not much more but all counts :)
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hi hun as everyone else says I add about 1pt water made withy coffee and it does go towrds your daily requirement which is a minimum of 2 ltrs anything more is a bonus so do what u can all the best xx

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Yup it all counts! On LT and Exante I always make my shakes with about 600mls as i'm shocking at actually drinking the water on its own plus I don't like the shakes thick :)


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On my second return to LT i lost 2 n half stone last time put a stone back on i soon found out the shakes were to thick for me to drink with the water that should go in one i add nearly double the water to a shake and drink as much water as i can around 2 ltrs a day i lost well every week :D doing the same again and feel ok 5th day in

debz x