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Added benefits of Lipotrim!

Just noticed this getting my hair coloured at the hair salon yesterday (only started getting it professionally done as a mini-goal treat 5 weeks ago)....the eczema which I nearly always had a bit of on my scalp since I was a baby, has now GONE!! Was sort of dreading getting the colour on as the last time it stung like a mutherf*****! But this time....nada...not even a pinch! Obviously some food I was eating was aggravating the problem all the time so now, during re-feed, I'll figure out what and be free of it (hopefully) for good. YAAAY! :D

ALSO....after over two decades of nail-biting I have now kicked the nasty habit...I reckon because of no longer having the desire to chew!!!!

Hurray for Lipotrim! It's changing my life all round :wee:
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Back on the wagon!
My skin looks so much clearer......anyone noticed TOTM is pain free.....I have noticed a big difference....I suppose its all the right Vit and Mins, water and no crap!
Yes Bea, TOTM today & usually am doubled over with cramps but just a very mild discomfort today! Yippeedoodah!

x S
My usually terrible skin is so much clearer too! Must be all the water! Whatever it is I am not complaining! Xx
I'm having the opposite Emma-Jane .. The water is obviously flushing all the nasty toxins out .. So I feel a gigantic outbreak coming ... But if last time was anything to go by lovely clear skin will follow in a few weeks! Yay


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Yes iv noticed that my TOTM seems much better and I didn't turn into a demon, in fact Iv e had none of the side effects that I usually get. Also my nails which are normally absolutely awful and break if I look at them have started to grow and are strong.
Ive played football twice in the past 7 days .... on the 3rd Aug I could not run across the street. My knees were knackered and my ankles swollen. Lipotrim has taken me back to 1992!.... Great Scott !!
P.S I am 51 .... but feel 31 !
Anyone noticed their eyes are much sparklier too?! I can almost say mine now have a mischievous glint!! :sign0151:
Cheek bones rock don't they!! Such a cool feeling when they start to emerge again from their hidden lair! Oooh and Deezer, remember the whole 'fat feet' thing....?! Well I discovered that i also must've had FAT EYELIDS!!!! How 'bout that! Applying eye-shadow is so much easier now I can see where the eyelids actually begin...:rotflmao:

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