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Addicted to carbonated drinks

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Hi my name is CR and I am addicted to carbonated drinks!!
I drink at least 500ml a day most days sometimes even more. I know it is not good for me as it leaves me bloated and my teeth hurt (have been drinking this much for at least a year maybe more). I think I like it so much as it fills me up for no calories (I will 99% of the time drink diet).
Any one else have this issue/or advice on how to not drink it? Or even better really scary horror stories on how bad it is for you?
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Hi Crimson Noir. I'm not going to give you horror stories, you can easily find them online, and anyway you already know they're not good for you or else you wouldn't be asking the question! But i used to love carbonated drinks, i used to hate water. One day i decided i'd be brave and try the whole 8 glasses of water, drinking no fizzy drinks. I felt wonderful. In a week, my skin was so soft, my face was clear and bright, i was less bloated, i felt lighter, i had more enegry and i felt full without feeling stuffed (which fizzy drinks did to me).

When i do go back to fizzy, i can only have one a day and my stomach balloons anyway, it's really not that nice. Drinking lots of water helps flush out your system and hydrates all your organs which are vital to successful and sustained weight loss.

Try squeezing lemon in a glass of water, it's lovely. It will be hard for about a week, but after that, if you stick to it, you'll feel so much better i promise.

Good Luck!


Call me Nicky xx
I agree about drinking water it makes you feel great BUT if you are not used to it then it is horrid.

To try and make the transisition you could have a one glass of water between your fizzy drink, then two, then three and before you know it you will be having plenty of water and wont need the fizzy.

I used to hate water with a passion and I mean hate it, but when I did CD I got used to drinking 4 litres a day. Now I enjoy 2 litres of water every day. Once you get used to it it's actually quite nice.
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Just one article about how coke is bad:
Can Drinking Soda Harm Our Bones?
Plus if you really want to scare yourself, look up 'aspartame poisoning' - diet coke has aspartame in it.

Anything is fine in moderation. My friend had an addiction to coke (the drink I mean!), she used to drink so much of it it was silly. She gradually cut it down from (I think) 8 bottles a day down to 1 bottle a day and makes it last. It worked for her to do that because she wasn't going cold turkey!

Water also fills you up just as much as carbonated drinks only they make you feel much better than carbonated drinks do. I agree with the others that since making changes to my diet (such as drinking plenty of water & eating 5 a day) my skin has improved no end.

hope that helps.
S: 12st6lb C: 11st12lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st8lb(4.6%)
Thanks guys, I know I need to stop drinking it. I do drink water and herbal teas they make up most of my drinks I just love the diet coke!
I am going to make a real effort to have it only as a mixer when drinking whiskey. :D


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i have a bit of the same problem. i drink far too many diet fizzy drinks as well as plenty of water and herbal teas. when i get nearer to goal i'm going to faze them out. i've already started drinking more fizzy water with a dash of fresh orange, which is yummy :)


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I used to drink 2lites of pepsi max a day. but cut it out by gradually increasing water and reducing pepsi. i did this over 4 days and now drink over 2 litres of water a day. only did this a week ago so am waiting for all the promised benefits!



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On one of the diet programmes they used to challenge an elite athlete every week and one week it was diet coke. He (Ican't remember who it was) had to drink 6 litres a day. He ended up super hyper with headaches and put weight on!
Im having the same problem too,I drink way too much Diet Coke and other Diet drink.Although what i tend to do now is drink sparkling water..hydrating and i still get my fizzy fix!! :D


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I think it's fine in moderation. I drink two cans of Sprite Zero or 7up light each day. I sip them through a straw so it avoids contact with my teeth as much as possible. I find them refreshing and rather delicious... haven't felt any real downsides, and I used to be someone who only ever drank water (not even any tea or juice!) every day. I think a little of what you fancy won't do you any harm. Try drinking them through a straw to protect your teeth, though.
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I had one bottle yesterday but .... none on Monday (first day in a long time!) trying to not buy any today :D
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I used to really hate drinking water but I changed my mind when I started drinking hot cups of water - really hot like tea. I thought it was great, comforting and I couldn't really taste that it was water after a while, it just tasted like a hot drink. It may not be your thing...but I just thought I'd say :)
I have sensitive teeth too so I imagine the pain of your teeth hurting is probably turning you off it a little bit anyway! I like fizzy drinks too, but now I drink a lot of squash so maybe you could wean yourself onto that instead?

Scarlet Daisy

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My partner drinks loads of Coke (he hates Diet Coke) and it has utterly wrecked his teeth.
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just got back from dentist and and he told me all the drinks have eaten away the enamel on my teeth. AM GIVING UP.


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Hmm, I have the same addiction as well actually.

One of the most important things involved in my weight loss was switching from regular to diet, as diet is more or less totally calorie free, it hasn't hindered my weight loss at all.

I'm not saying the aspartame, etc in diet Coke is actually good for you, I'm just saying that it wont hinder weight loss.

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