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addicted to oopsies


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yes I am addicted to oopsie rolls i eat them with everything but I'm just wondering whether they're causing me to stall a bit.

I seem to be losing roughly one to one and a half pounds a week which would normally be fab and I know I shouldnt complain except last time I did atkins I was losing easily four pounds a week and frequently more.

The only thing I'm doing different this time is eating oopsies - do you think that could be the problem?

Help please x
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Are you counting the carbs in? I'd stick to clean and green for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference love.


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Probably a stupid question - but what's an 'oopsie'?
A mim is a Muffin in a Minute made with flaxmeal, not sure what an oopsie is though.


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Thanks for all the replies - I have found the recipes and am going to try them this weekend. I am on day 2 now and really excited about losing this [email protected]"%$&y weight!


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I love oopsies too. Cant see why they would stall they are only eggs and cheese? as long as you are counting the carbs in them correctly??
Thats what i thought theres nothing nasty in em is there and yes i always count the carbs

I just dont understand it though because thats the only different thing i'm doing except possibly drinking more water which i thought would do me good.

Think i'll try "clean and green" for a few weeks as you suggest Jim and see what happens.

Just dont want to get fed up and lose my motivation cos I dont want to quit now


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yes maybe just stick with fresh meat, vegs and eggs and cheese and lay off anything else. your body might have changed - you might not lose the 4lb per week this time around.
Might be too much dairy - the cream cheese? Cheese in any form can stall people. 4oz a day in total is the Induction level but if you are having cream in tea or coffee as well that should be counted in to your daily 4oz.

I am not keen on oopsies - they remind me of cold omelette! - but some just love them. Cut them down or even out for a week and see if this affects your losses.


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no, I guess I'm gonna have to be prepared for the fact that it might be harder this time.

I've got a big family wedding to go to in August and was dearly hoping I would be able to fit in one of the size 14 dresses I've had in storage since i gained weight.

Dont wanna have to buy something new in a bigger size :(


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you must be close to size 14 now? and its only may honey. You need the whoosh fairy aswell!!!

I wish i could cut down and have no cheese for a week but i really do think i would struggle. Ill see how weight loss is this week for me and if rubbish ill be cutting out the cheese next


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I'm a size 16 in tops and a size 18 in bottoms at the moment :eek: I really need that fairy, think she's gone on her hols - lucky cow!!

I dont think I could do without my cheese for long - Brocolli and cauli cheese is my ultimate comfort food.

I've cut out caffeine, sweeteners, citrics, mims, and now my beloved oopsies will have to go as well.

I've also really upped my water intake so I'll see how i go this week. If I dont have a decent loss I reckon I'll just have to resign myself to a long slow slog :sigh:

Watch this space.........:D
But you've lost 81/2 lbs in 4 weeks, that looks good to me love.


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Yeah thanks Jim,

I am just being impatient i think as I lost so well last time. It's a decent loss compared to what i managed on slimming world.
slow and steady is maintainable weight loss love. :)


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Tell me about impatience Jonsgirl! I rmemeber when i lost a lot on ww and it seemed it was only weeks but it was actually 5 months!


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Think it's cos I lost two stone in about ten weeks last time I did atkins. I kind of half hoped I'd do that again. Slimming world was a dead loss for me - four pound in two months. Atkins is the only thing that really works for me.

Going shopping tomorrow to stock up my fridge to start clean and green for a couple of days. See if I can find that bloomin fairy lol :D

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